Fix Foundation Oxidation Using Foundation Whiteners

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Foundation oxidation is a chemical reaction that turns a foundation darker after it has been applied to the skin. This chemical reaction, in general, is really annoying.

In fact, it makes buying the right foundation shade online and even in stores difficult. If you ever purchased a foundation at the store after trying it on only to be disappointed by a darker shade later you know the feeling. This post focuses on how you can fix foundation oxidation using foundation whiteners.

Fix Foundation Oxidation Using Foundation Whiteners Quickly

Businesswise Foundation Oxidation Can’t Be Good

Businesswise, this can’t be good. It would be fair to assume foundation oxidation directly contributes to extremely high returns.

For instance, when Fenty Beauty launched their 40 shades of foundation I tried out four shades 420, 430, 440, and 450 before I found a good foundation shade.

With the exception of 420 that end up being a tad bit too light for my taste during the summer, 430 and 450 looked absolutely beautiful on the skin, however, oxidized terribly. I finally settled with 440 which goes on a little lighter but fully oxidizes to my foundation shade.

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How To Fix Foundation Oxidation

There are a few things you can do to deal with foundation oxidation and they were stated here on Chiclypoised.  However, if you are really looking for a permanent solution then it’s time to really start considering foundation whiteners.

Fix Foundation Oxidation Using Foundation Shade Adjusters

Fix Foundation Oxidation Using Foundation Whiteners

Foundation whiteners, in general, lightens dark foundations to create your perfect foundation shade. In fact, using foundation whiteners is a great solution for adjusting foundation shades especially since our skin tends to get lighter during winter and darker during summer.


Foundation Whiteners To Research Further


What To Do If You Don’t Want To Spend Extra Money On Foundation Whiteners To Fix Foundation Oxidation

If you have no interest in buying another makeup product to fix a problem the first makeup problem shouldn’t have that’s totally understandable. I fully support your decision and would advise you to return the foundation as soon as possible to the store.

In brief, personally, I usually don’t keep foundations that oxidize. Actually, the more expensive the foundation is the quicker I return it back to the store – my return game has no boundaries and no shame.

Lighten A Dark Foundation To Match to suit your skin tone


Special Instructions On How To Lighten Darker Foundation Shades

If you are trying to lighten a darker foundation shade please note using a white lightener may turn the foundation grey. White foundation lighteners generally work really well with light and medium foundation shades while bronze or a mixture of white and bronze foundation lighteners work well with darker foundation shades.

Lighten Darker WOC Foundations


More Information About Fixing Foundation Oxidation

If you are looking for additional information about how to deal with foundation oxidation this post outlines general tips dealing with foundation oxidation and also lists popular foundations that oxidize you ought to know about. Good luck with finding a solution that meets your needs.

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