Is ELF Cosmetics Worth It

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Looking Back


When I first heard of ELF Cosmetics I was skeptical.


Like a $1 for beauty products, like really?

Why is elf makeup so cheap?

Are they damaged or bad quality?

Why would beauty products so cheap be of any value?

These were my original thoughts because compared to the department store products the prices of ELF cosmetics products seemed too good to be true. At the time I associated cheapness with low quality. You may be thinking I was inexperienced using beauty products and you would be 100% right.

Being on a tight college budget did not leave much room for experimenting. Since most purchases had to be a necessity cosmetics products don’t exactly fall under that category especially when you’re a college student barely scraping by.  Moving past some struggle days I have had opportunities to experiment.

On various occasions, I have unfortunately experienced some well know higher priced products not living up to their hype.


Eyes Lips Face E.L.F. - Primers - ELF Cosmetics Is College Budget Friendly | Chiclypoised |
ELF Cosmetics Primers


ELF Cosmetics Products Quality

Eventually, I tried ELF and I wasn’t disappointed. I received great products on my first purchase. However, a quick view of the comments section on the company’s website and you will realize not everyone is always so lucky.

While the company stocks some of the best products at an affordable price sometimes a few products are not of the highest quality. However, for a few bucks, I don’t expect Estee Lauder quality, so I keep on purchasing but very selectively. So far, my strategy seems to be working.


Eyes Lips Face E.L.F. - e.l.f. Brushes - ELF Cosmetics Is College Budget Friendly | Chiclypoised |
ELF Cosmetics Brushes



ELF Cosmetics Product Prices

Originally, ELF products were priced at $1 and $3 mostly. Products priced at $1 were part of their Essentials line while those priced at $3 were part of their Studio line. Products priced higher were usually sets containing items from either the Essentials or Studio line.

However, a quick analysis of these sets would usually reveal that most of the products, if sold separately, would likely be priced at $1 or $3. Since their establishment, the company has gained momentum and as a result, their prices have increased slightly. Currently, a few products on their website are priced as low as $2.

Eyes Lips Face E.L.F. - e.l.f. Lip Exfoliator - ELF Cosmetics Is College Budget Friendly | Chiclypoised |
ELF Cosmetics Lip Exfoliator


College Budget Or Not Save With ELF Cosmetics

If you are able to get your hands on some ELF products, you should definitely give them a try. ELF sells a wide arrange of very affordable beauty products perfect for students on a tight college budget or just someone who is looking to save on beauty products. While their products are primary sold online I have seen some products at Wal-Mart and Target stores.


Eyes Lips Face E.L.F. - e.l.f. Perfect Finish HD Powder - ELF Cosmetics Is College Budget Friendly | Chiclypoised |
ELF Cosmetics Perfect Finish HD Powder



Budget Friendly Cosmetics Brand

Even with increased prices, their products are still affordable. Additionally, the quality of their products has also improved, so kudos to them. Honestly, looking back when you’re a college student low on funds and you’re told you could purchase beauty products for a $1 the messenger doesn’t have to do too much convincing before you decide to cross your fingers and give it a try.

The beauty college budget struggle is real, but companies like ELF Cosmetics help alleviate that struggle just a bit. My first purchase included a brush set containing 10 brushes. I have replaced a few of the brushes individually since then, however, the majority of the brushes are still in good condition.


Eyes Lips Face E.L.F. - Some e.l.f. Favorites - e.l.f. Cosmetics Is College Budget Friendly | Chiclypoised |
Some of my ELF Cosmetics favorites


Flawless Makeup Look Heavily Relies on Application

So if you’re a college student looking for some afford cosmetics products or just someone trying to stick to their budget consider researching ELF cosmetics further. You might find some higher-end dupes you were not expecting to find! Most times quality dupes can be purchased at afforded prices, so you don’t have to break the bank to look chic.

Nowadays, because of the improvements made to lower-end products generally found at the drugstore, a flawless makeup look heavily relies on the application skills of the individual and not necessarily the price of the products used.



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Have you tried ELF Cosmetics? What do you think about cheap beauty products?

XX, Janette




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