6 Very Good Reasons To Drop A Class In College

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This post is all about 6 very good reasons to drop a class in college.

Find out the best way to drop a class in college like a hot potato to maintain your GPA and sanity.

Overall, sometimes dropping a class is the best option.

Therefore, don’t contemplate, especially when your sanity and GPA are at stake.

Here are six reasons you should drop a class from day one.

6 Very Good Reasons To Drop A Class To Maintain Your GPA And Sanity

These are the signals you should not dismiss unless you’re fine graduating with a below-average GPA.

Some classes are hard enough that you don’t need additional stress.

1. You Can’t Understand The Professor

Overall, a classroom communication barrier is one of the common factors affecting student learning.

If you can’t understand what the Professor is saying, chances are it will be very difficult for you to understand the concepts he or she will be discussing in class as the semester progress, so drop the class.

You might say I will read it when I get home and make it make sense.

From experience, some classes require regular class attendance and most importantly proactive participation just to make the minimum passing grade, for example, Econometrics.

So if you can’t understand him or her from the first day and this is not your last semester, then you should consider dropping. Your grades will thank you.

2. You Normally Wake up At 10 am

Your class is at 7 am, and you normally wake up at 10 am due to your late-night activities, then drop the 7 am class.

Don’t kid yourself, because chances are unless you drastically change your sleeping pattern, you will be missing more classes than you have fingers to count.

Do yourself a favor, be honest and drop the class.

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3. Your Ex Is Taking The Same Class

Some may consider this act childish! Some will even ask, “You’re going to drop a class just for that reason alone”? Blah Blah Blah! Let me explain.

If you are not over the situation, chances are this is going to affect your concentration in class.

Some classes are hard enough from the beginning to the end of the semester, so you really don’t need the added distraction, especially if it’s going to affect you emotionally.

Be smart about it and maintain your GPA.

4. Professor Putting Students Through Hell Even For Less Difficult Classes

Some Professors believe in putting students through hell to make the grade.

I have personally experienced this, especially in the less difficult classes.

In these types of classes, understanding the material alone is not going to help you make a good grade.

You will have to be very proactive by paying close attention to every single mini-task that needs to be submitted.

These classes usually have countless activities that must be completed during class time, so missing a class session or two can be very detrimental to your grade.

So, I highly recommend you to go through that “magazine-like syllabus” and be honest with yourself.

Do you have the time to complete all these mini-tasks during the semester? If you don’t forget it!

Instead, just pick your bag up and find yourself another class that will provide the right balance. In other words, don’t bite off more than you can chew.

5. That Professor From Hell

So you register for a class and the Professor was “to be announced” but you signed up anyway and hoped for the best, but on the first day of class that Professor from hell walks in.

Well, it’s in your best interest to drop that class immediately.

I have yet to experience a Professor whose teaching style dramatically changed according to the class they are teaching.

Sadly for most, their mannerism and teaching styles are very consistent.

Therefore, save your GPA and most importantly, protect your sanity.

6 Very Good Reasons To Drop A Class Like A Hot Potato To Maintain Your GPA And Sanity | Chiclypoised.com

6. Textbooks Are Too Expensive

It’s an elective and the textbook or textbooks are too expensive, and to make matters worse the professor said having the textbooks is a requirement to pass that class.

Save your money and sanity and drop that class.

No need to go broke for a class that is not even a requirement of your degree plan.

Find another class that suits your budget.

If you are so passionate about the area, research what’s available online.

In general, after taking a couple of classes, you will soon realize that most of the content can be found online for cheaper or no cost.

Check YouTube, you will be surprised.

I have found videos on there that explain concepts 100 times better than the Professor, no shade – it is what it is.

Just a heads-up, so try your best to be resourceful.

Again, Drop A Class If

  1. Can’t understand the Professor.
  2. The class starts at 7 am, but you normally wake up at 10 am.
  3. Your ex is taking the same class, and you’re not over him or her yet.
  4. You’re taking more than 15 hours, and one of your Professors gives you a syllabus as thick as a Marie Claire magazine.
  5. A “To Be Announced” Professor ends up being that Professor from hell you promised yourself to avoid at all costs!
  6. It’s an elective, but the cost of the textbooks is outrageous!

Your grades and sanity will thank you at the end of the semester!

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