How To Stop Overpaying For Procrastination

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Overpaying for convenience is one of the top reasons we spend too much money on everyday goods and services. Moreover, it’s a bad habit we justify with the notion of saving time. However, are we really saving time or are we just overpaying for procrastination?


Overpaying For Procrastination Not Convenience

If you’re here thinking this logic is irrational just think about paying for overnight shipping. In most cases, unless it’s an emergency it’s highly probable with effective planning you can completely avoid getting ripped off by shipping services. In general, paying for overnight shipping when you had ample time to shipped is like kicking yourself in the butt while robbing yourself. Don’t allow procrastination to screw up your budget because it will every time.

How To Stop Overpaying For Procrastination |

Procrastination Will Screw Your Budget

Now I get it, paying for convenience is alluring and it’s easy to give in to temptation especially if you procrastinated. However, if you’re on a budget overpaying for convenience due to procrastinating is costing you more than you can afford to pay. In fact, it is an inconvenience that reduces funds available for upcoming expenses. Unfortunately, you’re probably unaware of it because in your mind you’re making up for the time lost due to procrastinating so it’s okay to overpay for convenience.

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Here’s How To Stop Overpaying For Procrastination And Save Money Instead

Get out of your own way! Start planning ahead of time and stick to the schedule, by doing what needs to be done even when you don’t want to. While it may sound simple it will require discipline. However, don’t be disheartened, understand with practice you will become better at time management, and avoiding these “overpaying for convenience temptation traps” which will eventually make you financially sharper and smarter.

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