How To Save Money And Make Money Shopping Online Using Ebates/Rakuten Cash Back System

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Online shopping trips are more fun when you save money plus receive these savings as cashback.

How To Seriously Save Money Shopping Online With Ebates

Rakuten is one of the top cashback companies. The company redistributes savings in cash to users.

So, in essence, users are actually making money shopping online which is fantastic.

Top Question: Is Ebates/Rakuten A Scam?

If Rakuten a scam this Rakuten scam is rewarding millions of online shoppers with cashback.

However, fortunately, Rakuten is not a scam. The company’s cashback system is legit.

Moreover, the Rakuten cashback system is actually one of the best ways to save money and make money shopping online without jumping through hoops.

Imagine I have earned over $200 since using it.

Is Ebates A Scam? |
From $30 …
Cashback from the Rakuten Extension - How the Rakuten Extension Button Works 2 of 10
Now Over $200!

E-commerce companies Advertise Store Discounts Using Ebates/rakuten Cash Back Account System

Rakuten’s coupons are the new “in-store discounts”.

In fact, many top e-commerce companies advertise their best store discounts through Rakuten’s cashback account system.

Hence, owning an Ebates/Rakuten account is vital if you really intend to save money shopping online.

Rakuten Cashback System Benefits

  • Rakuten cashback  helps you save more money when shopping online
  • Plus, Rakuten cashback helps you save time searching for coupons
  • Ebates/Rakuten is a frugal shopper online tool, so it can help you become a frugal shopper if you wish
  • Get paid for referring your friends, family, and co-workers!

Save Money Shopping Online

Use Rakuten cashback to save plus receive savings as cashback for online shopping trips.

Save Time Searching For Coupons

Use Ebates to find the latest coupons available for your favorite online stores.

Ebates/Rakuten Is A Frugal Shopper Online Tool So It Can Help You Become A Frugal Shopper If You Wish

If you are trying to become a frugal shopper, then Rakuten cashback extension is a great frugal shopper online tool.

This cashback extension will help you develop better saving strategies for your online shopping trips, especially during the holidays.

So yay! Save more money with ease especially when you shop online this or next holiday season!

Get paid for referring your friends, family, and co-workers! 

Yes, you get paid for referring your friends, family, and co-workers – there is no limit to the number of friends, family, and co-workers you could refer.

When your people sign up using your Ebates/Rakuten link and make a qualifying purchase, Rakuten pays both you and whoever used your link.

You get $25 for sharing and your friend gets $10! So take advantage of this opportunity by signing up to saving money and getting paid for your referrals!

Sign Up For Ebates/Rakuten Cash Back Account

  • First, sign up here to start getting cashback on your online shopping.
  • Second, install the Rakuten cashback button/ebates cash back button on your browser toolbar. Find the cashback button here.
  • Third, install Rakuten phone app. Find Rakuten Android app here and Apple app here.

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Installing Ebates Cash Back Button On Web Browsers And Installing Ebates Phone Apps

Installing the Ebates cash back button and Ebates phone app is not required to make money.

Instead, you can shop directly from However, installing them will increase the opportunities to receive more cashback tremendously.

How the Ebates/Rakuten Cashback Button Works

After you install the Ebates/Rakuten Cashback button, finding saving opportunities becomes easier. Here’s how!

How the Rakuten Extension Button Works 1 of 10

Whenever you visit an e-commerce website that participates in the Rakuten cashback program, you will be notified as soon as the page is done loading via a pop-up window.

Not another annoying pop-up!!!

I know – they can be annoying sometimes but this cashback pop-up is there to help you save money.

So this is a good pop-up.

The pop-up lets you know the store offers cashback through Rakuten.

Plus, states the cashback rate for the day and most importantly lets you know it’s time to activate the cashback button before you forget and miss out on saving money on your shopping trip.

How cool is that?

So yes! This cashback button looks out for you! It’s not annoying! Or if it is – frankly it’s the good type of annoyance! LOL

Now once the Rakuten cashback button is activated, in a separate window the system congratulates you and lets you know you will be saving money on your shopping trip.

Afterward, you are immediately redirected to the same page where you activated the cashback button, then the pop-up disappears.

Now you can relax and enjoy your online shopping trip knowing how much money you will be saving!

Ebates/Rakuten Cash Back Account Allows Users To Get Paid Without Doing Extra Work

Overall Ebates cash back system is great – it’s one guaranteed way to get paid to shop online without doing the most.

So if you don’t have an Ebates/Rakuten cashback account sign up, install the Rakuten button, and install their cashback phone app applicable to your phone to begin saving and receiving cashback on your online shopping trips.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

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