Best Ways To Create A Free Monthly Budget

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Mostly everything comes with a cost. In fact, most “free things” aren’t necessarily free. While there isn’t any price tag per se, it will still cost you your time and energy.

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Thankfully, regarding budgeting, you can create a free monthly budget to help you stay on budget without using much energy or time.

Here are some ideas to get you started!

The Best Ways To Create A Free Monthly Budget

  1. Download the best free budget app
  2. Create a monthly budget tracker in Excel
  3. Journalize all your transactions

Download The Best Free Budget App

There are many free budget apps out there.

Thankfully, finding the best free budget apps is simple thanks to Google, Bing, and other search engines.

For instance, Mint Money Manager is one of the best free budget app available, and here’s why.

Mint Money Manager will allow you to put all of your finances together into an aggregated view which can help you figure out your total expenses and your total income if you have multiple streams of income.

Another free budget app worth consideration is the Wally budget.

This app compares your income with your expenses to help you track exactly what you are spending your money on.

This information is vital especially if your goal is to significantly reduce pointless purchases.

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Create A Monthly Budget Tracker In Excel

So what if you don’t want to use any budget app even if it’s free? Well, guess what? That’s totally okay.

In fact, if you want to take a more traditional route for budgeting your money, creating a monthly budget tracker in Excel is always a great free option.

Furthermore, creating a monthly budget tracker in Excel can provide you with flexibility even the best free budget app can’t match.

However, if you are interested in saving some time download our monthly budget tracker.

This monthly budget tracker printable is simple and easy to use. Plus you also receive an editable version to use with Adobe Reader that calculates for you!

Monthly Budget Tracker Fillable Printable

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Journalize All Your Transactions

If creating a budget tracker in Excel is not traditional enough you can still track everything down in a journal.

Personally, I would rather use an app or create a budget spreadsheet in Excel but whatever works best for you is the way you should go.

Overall Creating A Cost-Efficient Budget Is Best

Budgeting doesn’t have to be expensive or stressful.

With all things considered, creating a free monthly budget whether it’s using a free budget app, creating a budget tracker in Excel, or journalizing all your transactions is cost-efficient.

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