3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Discuss Money With Anyone

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Whether you’re aware or not, someone could be pocket watching you right now. Pocket watching is not psychologically healthy, so why do people do it?

Are they just being nosey or looking for an opportunity? Who knows!

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Discuss Money With Anyone

Some pocket watchers are discreet about it, while others will directly ask you about your financial status. Telling them or just openly discussing money with them may not be a good decision.

Here are three wise reasons you shouldn’t openly discuss money with just anyone.

1. You Turn Into a Walking ATM

Some people ask about your financial status for their own benefit. Now, there is nothing wrong with financially helping anyone.

However, be mindful that some people who ask you for money may not have your best interest at heart – some are only interested in financially using you as much as you allow them to.

Hence, avoid any possibility of turning into a walking ATM by keeping your financial status to yourself.

2. You Put A Target On Your Back

Most equate success based on your financial status and material possessions.

Consequently, if someone determines you are successful based on their interpretation of your financial status and material possessions, you can easily become a target for robbery or a financial scam.

3. Your Financial Status Is None Of Their Business

I’ll keep this short and sweet – your financial status is none of their business.

Moreover, some people don’t care anyway unless the information is beneficial to them, thus keeping your financial status to yourself.

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Regardless If You Have The Money Or Not

Regardless of whether you have the money or not, if a person “thinks” you have money, some may try to take advantage of you. It’s okay to help, but understand there are vultures out there who feast on the weak.

Hence, to avoid possible pitfalls, avoid openly sharing your financial status altogether.

3 Reasons Wise Reason Your Shouldn't Share Your Financial Status

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