Why Do People Lie About Their Financial Status?

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So really, why do people lie about their financial status?

What’s the point?

And who cares?

Why Do People Lie About Their Financial Status?

Does it feel like every time you meet a new person, aside from asking your name, they ask you what you do for a living?

Where do you work at?

Lord forbid you to meet someone who is bold and nosey and flat-out asks how much money you’re making.

How rude!

The answer is really always none of their business.

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However, it creates a situation where one may feel pressured to exaggerate that number, and some do.

Why do people lie about their financial status?

Why do some feel the need to create a financial story that isn’t their own?

Here is what I have gathered based on personal experience and observation.

Two Common Reasons Some Lie About Their Financial Status

  1. Trying to keep up with the Joneses.
  2. They don’t want to look like a failure to their peers.

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1. Trying to Keep Up with the Joneses

Trying to keep up with the Joneses isn’t new. However, with the addition of social media, keeping up with the Joneses is at an all-time high.

Before social media, it was way easier to succeed or fail in private.

Now, not so much when you add social media to the mix.

In fact, nowadays, what you post can easily represent how well-off you are.

Therefore, some people fall into the trap of trying to “post rich” to look rich.

For instance, it isn’t uncommon to see social media posts showing off very expensive luxury items or expensive exotic vacations, even if in reality the owners of these posts are broke.

Why do they do it?

Well, some do it because they want to look rich, even if in reality they are struggling to make ends meet.

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2. They Don’t Want To Look Like A Failure To Their Peers

The pressure to succeed financially is insane, and some don’t know how to handle that pressure.

So it’s much easier for some to give the appearance that they’re financially well off, even if they are just one emergency from a financial disaster.

Shape Society, Don’t Let Society Shape You

Firstly, understand that you as an individual are important no matter what your financial status.

Don’t let the get-rich-quick scheme make you feel like you need to achieve a certain financial status by a certain time or else you’re failing.

Instead, keep on working towards your goals, and remember while we all have 24 hours, the world wasn’t built in one day.

So when you feel that pressure, step back and appreciate your life and appreciate how far you have come.

Don’t focus on what you don’t have now.

Remember, there is still time.

In fact, according to Suzy Kassem, every flower blooms at a different pace.

So don’t spend money and time trying to impress others by buying things you don’t need.

Don’t try to create a financial story that isn’t your own.

Stay in your lane and work towards a true financial story you can be proud of.

Don’t lose yourself in the process, stay true, shape society, and don’t let society shape you.

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