How To Make More Money Without A Raise Or Working More Hours

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“Your card was declined!” is not a  conversation starter anyone wants to have. Especially when you thought you had sufficient funds to pay for the transaction. The struggle out here is serious – more so if you’re living paycheck to paycheck.

Fortunately, in some cases, you can increase your take-home pay by just reviewing and adjusting your W4 to reflect your current situation.


You Might Be One Of The 80 Percent Of Americans

According to the IRS, 80 percent of Americans W4 forms are completed incorrectly.  It’s unfortunate the percentage is so high considering the W4 isn’t a difficult document to complete. However, sadly, many don’t take the time to review the document carefully in its entirety in order to complete it correctly. One common mistake is individuals not selecting the allowances they qualify for or not updating their W4 to reflect life-changing events like a newborn or marriage.

How To Make More Money At Work


Here’s How You Can Make More Money Without A Raise Or Working More Hours

If you believe you may have skimmed through your W4 chances are you may have overlooked a few allowances you qualify for. To rectify the issue, start by requesting a W4 form from the HR department for revision. During your review, ensure you select allowances that reflects your current situation.

If you are unsure about how individual allowances affect you seek answers from the HR department – I am sure they will address your concerns or direct you to the right people who can assist you.

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Intimidation Completing The W4 Form

Completing the W4 can be intimidating for first-timers. However, although it may seem complicated to fill out that is not the case at all, read and ask questions if you need to and you’ll be fine. If you need any additional help go to the IRS website and they will guide you step-by-step.


Don’t Stress Out Over A Raise

Don’t stress out over a raise. Keep working hard and eventually, you will get that raise you rightfully deserve. However, in the meantime review your W4 because chances are with a few adjustments you can increase your income by your next pay date.

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