Improve Your Home Decor and Instagram Game With A Floor Mirror 

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Floor mirrors are the latest hot home decor accessory and Instagram is to blame. These floor mirrors have been popping up everywhere lately. While they are absolutely beautiful, they are quite pricey! Target and Walmart stock some afford floor mirrors but they are not as glamorous as the mirrors below, but if you are on a tight budget they will work.


Antiqued-Silver Beaded Floor Mirror
44″W x 4″D x 79″T


Instagram Selfie Addiction

The Instagram selfie addiction is real and it is definitely a contributing factor to this home decor trend. Before a simple headshot would suffice, well not anymore. Now it’s all about the full body images. For Instagram fashion bloggers or Instagram models, a floor mirror can definitely help take their Instagram game to the next level without hiring a professional Instagram photographer.

How To Improve Your Home Decor And Instagram Game

Professional Instagram Photographers Are Expensive

A professional Instagram photographer services can be expensive, hence using a floor mirror is a very effective and efficient way to create content for Instagram without breaking the bank.


How Instagram Models Use Floor Mirrors

Most Instagram models use floor mirrors to showcase their outfit of the day. Floor mirrors make it really easy to take full body images showing every part of their outfit. This could be very helpful if the model is monetizing their Instagram account. Considering the more items in the picture the greater the opportunity to generate sales.


Improve Your Home Decor and Instagram Game With A Floor Mirror | Aldina Golden-Beaded Floor Mirror |
43″W x 79″T


In Addition, Floor Mirrors Add Utility To Your Home Decor Style

Most home decor accessories are merely statement pieces – they look great, improve your home decor and complement your home decor style. However, a floor mirror is different – it is not just another home decor accessory that takes up space. Instead, it actually adds utility to your home decor style!

Improve Your Home Decor and Instagram Game With A Floor Mirror |Asstd National Brand Floor Mirror |
45″W x 3″L x 83″H



Floor Mirrors Are Conversation Starters

A great floor mirror will complement your home decor style but an exquisite floor mirror will be an icebreaker. Here are some more conversation starter floor mirrors. They are absolutely beautiful and perfect for your next Instagram photoshoot or home decor project.


Improve Your Home Decor and Instagram Game With A Floor Mirror | Benedict Floor Mirror |
48″W x 1″D x 68″T


Improve Your Home Decor and Instagram Game With A Floor Mirror | Blaise Floor Mirror |
54″W x 1.75″D x 82″T


Social media influences trends. What do you think about this one?

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