60+ College Life Truths College Freshmen Should Know

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College life is all fun and games until you screw up because you didn’t know, or you took certain things for granted. These college truths will help you make better decisions at college.

College Life Truths

This list shares some college truths and common sense advice every college freshman should know before stepping foot on campus, after all, prevention is better than a cure.

College Life Truths For College Freshman

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60 plus college life truths and common sense every college freshman should know before stepping foot on campus

  1. You don’t have to please everyone, and you actually can’t.
  2. Being broke is temporary unless your major is utterly useless.
  3. Popularity isn’t everything in college.
  4. Some classes are totally useless, but your professors will never tell you.
  5. Be yourself most people will respect that.
  6. Pick up a skill that is valuable in the job market even if it means enrolling in a class outside your major.
  7. There’s a big difference between someone who is just a college classmate and a college friend, learn the difference quickly.
  8. Group work is important, so do your fair share plus extra.
  9. Start applying for jobs in your field from your freshman year. You don’t want to wait until your senior year to start making these connections.
  10. Go to networking events even if most of them are boring as hell.
  11. About 75% of your college life will be used to complete “college busy work”. However, if you’re lucky depending on your major only about 20% of that 75% will actually be useful.
  12. Get a few study buddies they will save you from a few failing grades.
  13. Find a part-time job from day one not only for the money but also for the job experience.
  14. If your passion doesn’t help you find a job after college to pay back your student loan then it probably shouldn’t be your major.
  15. Being sleepy is never an excuse to miss class especially if it involves mathematics.
  16. Apply for scholarships because you will need every penny for college.
  17. Keeping your room organized will keep you focused.
  18. Read your syllabus in its entirety for every class to avoid surprises.
  19. Be grateful for the opportunity because not everyone who wants to go to college gets the opportunity.
  20. Parking around college campuses is usually terrible so forget driving from class to class. Instead, wear comfortable walking shoes and be prepared to speed walk from class to class unless campus buses are available.
  21. Respect your classmate you never know who your hiring manager will be.
  22. Being homesick is natural however don’t let it dampen your spirits. Instead, participate in college events to keep you focused and proactive in college life.
  23. Before you buy college items find student discounts.
  24. Always ask the professors if older textbook editions can be used instead of buying the latest editions. You will save a lot of money on textbooks by buying older editions.
  25. Create a graduation plan from your first semester to help you graduate on time.
  26. Don’t stress so much about the grades because in most fields after your first job most hiring managers won’t care.
  27. The actual skills you need to survive on a job you probably won’t learn during your college life.
  28. Create a practical study schedule and use it.
  29. Don’t take this moment in life for granted because it can easily be the best time of your life.
  30. Most college relationships will be temporary, so don’t stress about them.
  31. Pop quizzes always pop up especially when you’re not prepared for a class, so go over your notes before class.
  32. Sit in the front row you will see the board better, hear the professor better, and it’s usually closer to the door.
  33. You don’t have to be the most popular kid on campus to make an impact – you just need to hang around the right people.
  34. College parties are fun but never sacrifice your grades for them.
  35. Get a good laptop because without one completing assignments will be a chore.
  36. If your roommate is terrible, ask your residence hall personnel to switch rooms.
  37. Cafeteria food isn’t usually the best so have an alternative meal plan.
  38. Avoid deliberately disturbing a class because it’s inconsiderate and shows a lack of respect for others.
  39. International textbook versions are usually the same textbook just cheaper.
  40. Always dress well for college fairs and have your resumes reviewed and prepped.
  41. Give back to the community because you want to not because it looks good on your resume.
  42. Practice safe sex in college your sanity and health will thank you.
  43. Your friends probably won’t make the best roommates so be careful. Overall, some people are just great hangout buddies but not roommate material.
  44. It is okay to spend some days and nights alone to reflect and rejuvenate.
  45. Use office hours even if you don’t need to.
  46. If you don’t understand a concept in class ask questions your grades will thank you.
  47. Studying is easier when you take good notes.
  48. You don’t need a $100 cell phone plan in college instead get a low-budget no-contract cell phone plan.
  49. Don’t burn bridges because these bridges might end up being your future bosses, coworkers, or business partners.
  50. Not everybody you meet in college is your friend.
  51. Start your assignments on the first day and do a little per day instead of rushing to complete everything a day before the deadline.
  52. Save your money as much as possible because college tuition and countless ridiculous college fees increase every school year.
  53. Before you buy a textbook search for a free PDF copy online.
  54. Freshman 20 is real so be mindful of what you eat and workout.
  55. Get out of your comfort zone by joining a couple of interest groups.
  56. Respect your professors because these recommendation letters won’t write themselves.
  57. Business students start dressing for the job you want early in your college journey, so it becomes a habit.
  58. If you are failing a class don’t be afraid to ask for help and if all fails don’t be afraid to drop the class.
  59. Work on your communication skills because they are probably more important than actual grades.
  60. Be quick to listen but slow to respond.
  61. Get an internship early in your college life don’t wait for your senior year.
  62. Save money on college stationery by collecting them at college fairs and college seminars.
  63. Attending classes and studying alone doesn’t always guarantee good grades you need to be proactive and ensure you understand the material.
  64. Have fun being a college student because it’s probably the most fun you will have without the crushing weight of adult responsibilities.
  65. Flashcards are great for studying get you some and a shoebox for storage.
  66. Don’t go overboard with dorm room decorations, get the essentials, and save your money for a rainy day.
  67. The four years will be over before you know it, so have some fun and learn as much as you can.
  68. Lastly, this isn’t high school so get ready to be challenged, don’t get distracted, do the work – no excuses, or you will be left behind.
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