15 Terrible Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That Will Piss Off Your Girlfriend

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There is a love-hate relationship with Valentine’s Day – some people love it and some people hate it with a passion!

However, no matter what your feelings are about the day we can agree or agree to disagree that some Valentine’s Day gifts and gestures are just terrible and thoughtless – they definitely don’t make a good impression!

Here are a few terrible Valentine’s Day gift ideas to avoid unless you actually want to piss off your girlfriend.

Terrible Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

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15 Terrible Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That Will Piss Off Your Girlfriend – They Will Not Make A Good Impression

  1. Gifting her a really cheap Valentine’s Day gift when she knows you’re a big spender.
  2. Giving her a gift that was meant for you will piss off your girlfriend.
  3. A gift that looks like it didn’t take much time and effort to create.
  4. Anything re-gifted from around your apartment that she seen before is a terrible valentine’s day gift idea.
  5. Hygiene products will piss off your girlfriend or anyone.
  6. Not spending the day with her as planned – now you will really have her thinking you’re playing her.
  7. Stuff she told you on several occasions she doesn’t like – now that’s just annoying honestly.
  8. Anything that ends up being a prank. For instance, a fake engagement proposal – people are crazy!
  9. Outdated clothes are terrible valentine’s day gift ideas – just say no to the sales lady.
  10. Clothes that are too small is a terrible valentine’s day gift idea.
  11. Diet products that insinuate she is overweight are terrible valentine’s day gift ideas.
  12. Anything that hints she might be a side chick – don’t be that guy.
  13. Condoms will also piss your girlfriend off especially if Y’all recently started dating.
  14. Gifting her birth control pills will also cause problems, especially if she wants to have a baby.
  15. A breakup letter is a terrible valentine’s day gift idea – actually it’s just ruthless!


Enjoy Your Valentine’s Day! However, Remember Your Valentine’s Day Gift Idea Doesn’t Need To Be Expensive To Make A Good Impression

Happy Valentine’s Day! Whatever way you decide to celebrate the day make it a special one.

Remember your Valentine’s Day gift idea doesn’t need to be expensive to make a good impression. However, your gift should be thoughtful.

As a matter a fact, if you cannot afford to buy her a Valentine’s Day gift you can make one instead. In fact, here are 15 Romantic Valentine’s Day Cards DIY Romantic Cute Card Ideas to help you make a good impression. Good luck!