Unimaginative Engagement Proposal Ideas

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An engagement proposal is a special moment shared between two people.

The guy gets down on one knee and asks while the girl begins to blush uncontrollably or cry while she utters the three-letter word the guy is patiently waiting to hear.

Engagement Proposal Ideas

Engagement proposal ideas can be extravagant or thrifty. However, essentially engagement proposal ideas really depend on the couple’s preference and budget.

Cute And Phenomenal In Theory

While some engagement proposal ideas sound cute and phenomenal in theory, realistically the idea might be inappropriate based on the location and timing.

We Love To Celebrate Love But Come On Now

Engagement proposals done right are captivating.

On the flip side, engagement proposals done wrong are distracting.

There are several situations I can think of that would be distracting but for this post, I will talk about only two.

First on the chopping board is an engagement proposal at someone else wedding – how rude!

Engagement Proposal At Someone Else Wedding

Whether you ask for permission and received it or didn’t care enough to ask proposing at someone else wedding is just inconsiderate and rude.

Firstly, it’s not your day – the wedding guests didn’t purposely attend to see you.

It’s A Family Gathering So Why Not

Now some will argue well since it’s a family gathering and everyone is here this is the best time to just do it – just don’t.

Again it’s not your day plus you didn’t sign that check.

Proposing at someone else wedding is just distracting, distasteful, and rude.

If you didn’t ask it’s just disrespectful and conveys entitlement.

Say no to proposals at weddings – let the couple enjoy their special day.

The groom’s best friend proposes during the wedding read more here. <–
Do this on my day and get your credit card ready. People are just crazy.

Engagement Proposals During Graduation Ceremony

Another event I will have to say no to is a graduation ceremony.

While the idea sounds cute a graduation ceremony is long enough so let’s not add to it.

Moreover, it takes away from the moment. Graduation is a celebration of the hard work and perseverance of the achiever and those who helped along the way.

Hence, celebrations should be about that day.

Plus, it’s usually hot during graduation. Let’s blame the long polyester graduation gowns.

In addition, depending on where and when you’re graduating chances are the place is hot.

Add a cap, a long polyester graduation gown, and air condition you can barely feel to that situation, and you will want to snatch your wig off your head.

Six-inch heels pains and let’s not forget a hot graduation gown

I can’t imagine being on a line in a hot graduation gown with heels I probably have no business wearing but heck it’s graduation day so in my mind, I am pulling this off today only to see the line stop moving because someone is proposing.

Listen, there is before the ceremony, there’s after the ceremony but during the ceremony is distracting and inconsiderate to others.

None Of Our Business But What If The Relationship Fails

Now every time you remember graduation day, look at pictures or your diploma your memory is now tainted with the memory of what was to be but never happened.

Cute But Cheap and Unimaginative

Overall, while both ideas sound cute they both are cheap and unimaginative.

Instead, be thoughtful and imaginative to create a moment you will remember and cherish forever.

If you can’t afford to do it big then think outside the box and definitely use Pinterest for engagement proposal ideas.

An Engagement Proposal Is Special Be Selfish Don’t Share The Day

An engagement proposal is a special day why would you want to share that day with another event.

Instead, be selfish with that day – make the day all about the proposal and nothing else.

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