Before You Buy Designer Jewelry Dupes

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Before you buy designer jewelry dupes, read this!

Designer jewelry is generally expensive, so dabbling in a few lookalikes from time to time helps a fashionista save money.

What You Should Know Before Buying Designer Jewelry Dupes

However, before you dabble, here’s what you should know before buying designer jewelry dupes.

Designer Jewelry Dupes Are Not Meant To Last

Designer jewelry dupes aka jewelry lookalikes are fashionable costume jewelry. Therefore, they are not meant to last as long as designer jewelry.

Designer Jewelry Dupes Can Be Preserved

However, with a little work, you can prevent them from tarnishing quickly. In fact, clear topcoat nail polishes, Crystal Clear Spray Paints, or Clear Gloss Aerosols are great for sealing costume jewelry.

However, just remember to use tape to cover any gems before you spray or paint with a sealer.

To learn more about how to preserve your costume jewelry be sure to read this post.

Read All The Reviews Before Purchasing

In addition, before you purchase any jewelry dupes, ensure you read both positive and negative reviews.

Some of these costume jewelry pieces look fantastic, but it’s better to be well-informed before spending your hard-earned money.

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