How to Choose The Best Halloween Costume

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It’s finally Fall! Yes! So it’s time to drink all the pumpkin spice lattes and eat all the pumpkin pies your heart desires. However, before you indulge don’t forget about your Halloween costume!  In fact, let me help you choose the best Halloween costume ever!

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To be honest, one of the scariest and most overwhelming things about Halloween is choosing a Halloween costume that ruins your Halloween night.

For instance, choosing a stuffy Halloween costume that makes a hot humid Halloween party ten times hotter.

Seriously, stuffy Halloween costumes and hot humid Halloween parties are no fun at all!

However, don’t worry it’s cool, I’ve been there before. Thus, here a few tips to help you choose the best Halloween costume for the season.


How to Choose The Best Halloween Costume

  1. Think of ideas for Halloween costume early
  2. Purchase your Halloween costume early
  3. Aim for a high-quality Halloween costume
  4. Get the Halloween costume in the right size
  5. Get a realistic Halloween costume
  6. Choose a Halloween costume you are comforter with
  7. Plan your Halloween costume for each event
  8. Get an affordable Halloween costume
  9. Match your Halloween costume with your significant other or family members
  10. Include other members of the family for more fun


Think Of Ideas for Halloween Costume Early

In order to find the best Halloween costume early, you first have to know what you want to be for Halloween. Thus, start brainstorming for your Halloween costume as soon as November, 1st.

Why November, 1st you may be asking. Well, there’s a high possibility you’ll find the best deals on Halloween costumes on clearance!

Therefore, if you found a costume this year but it was just too expensive it might just be on clearance after Halloween this year! So don’t miss out!


Purchase your Halloween Costume Early

While thinking of ideas for Halloween costume early is important you actually need to buy it early.

It is so easy to get a good costume at a good price if you purchase your Halloween costume early. Conversely, if you wait until a week or two before Halloween you are going to pay an arm and a leg.

Thus, to save money and to avoid inconveniences don’t just plan your Halloween costume early also purchase your Halloween costume early.


Aim for a High-Quality Halloween Costume

Firstly, your Halloween costume should at least last until the end of the night. You definitely, don’t want any Halloween costume that can’t even withstand a try-on.

Overall, you want a costume that will last just in case you want to wear it again next year.

Therefore, if you get your costume in person inspect it before purchasing. Likewise, if you find your Halloween costume online check the reviews before purchasing.


Get the Halloween Costume in the Right Size

It’s bad when your Halloween costume is finally delivered but it’s too big or too small. However, it’s tragic when you purchased it last minute and can’t exchange it in time for your Halloween event.

Therefore, firstly avoid estimating your size. Instead, measure yourself properly to reduce the chances of ordering a Halloween costume that is too big or too small.

Secondly, avoid buying your Halloween costumes last minute because sometimes you can do all the right things and the costume still won’t fit because the Halloween costume is not true to size.

In these situations, if you order your Halloween costume in advance you can easily exchange the costume for the right size without worrying about whether the exchange will be processed and delivered in time.


Get A Realistic Scary Halloween Costume

If your plan is to scare then go all out! In fact, start by ordering or creating a realistic scary Halloween costume.

If you can’t do it yourself consider hiring a creative person like a talented Halloween costume designer and/or a talented makeup artist to help you out.

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Choose a Halloween Costume you are Comforter with

It’s one thing to wear the costume, it is another thing to be fully comfortable with the character the Halloween costume insinuates.

For, instance if you don’t like the idea of being a prisoner don’t get a prisoner costume even if it’s on sale.

Playing the character of your costume comfortably will have people, even more, impressed with the costume itself.

Thus, to choose the best Halloween costume for you, order or create a Halloween costume you are comfortable with the character the Halloween costume insinuates.


Plan Your Halloween Costume for Each Event

It’s very important to choose the best Halloween costume for the Halloween event especially if it’s work-related. While it’s Halloween, remember dress codes, dressing for the event and considering the crowd still matters.

Generally, October, 31st is for the kids. However, some companies allow their employees to dress up for Halloween.

Moreover, it isn’t uncommon for us grown folks to party to our hearts content the Saturday before Halloween.

Therefore, have fun choosing your Halloween costume but don’t completely ignore the dress codes and the type of event you are attending.

Instead, plan your Halloween costumes for each event, because some Halloween costumes may be less or more appropriate to wear depending on the type of Halloween event and/or location of the Halloween event.

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Get an Affordable Halloween Costume

As hyped as you may be for Halloween it is not worth financially putting yourself in a compromising position. Sadly, some people invest hundreds on Halloween costumes they really can’t afford.

I knew a guy who paid close to a $1000 for a Halloween contest and still lost to a group of women who were wearing jumpsuits. You can just imagine how angry he was.

So instead of breaking the bank on a Halloween costume, buy a Halloween costume, you can afford. I guarantee you, you will still have fun celebrating Halloween.


Match your Halloween Costume with your significant other

If you’re celebrating Halloween with your significant other get matching Halloween costumes! It’s a super fun thing couples do when they’re celebrating Halloween. Don’t miss out on the fun!

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Don’t Forget to Include other members of the Family for more fun!

You can also match your Halloween costume with everyone in the family!

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Overall, Use This Celebration To Have Some Fun

Going through everyday motions can have us feeling like a robot sometimes. If you think that is you then use this time to loosen up. You’re wearing a Halloween costume anyway so nobody will know who you are. Just be safe and enjoy yourself while you are wearing your amazing Halloween costume.

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