How To Make Halloween Marshmallow Ghosts Or Perhaps Marshmalloweens?

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Hey! It’s Halloween again! AKA Spooky season. What’s your plan this year? Scare the hell out of your neighbors? LOL!

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Well, have fun …. and I am so serious about that idea … Either way, whatever you decide enjoy to the max!

Now to get your Halloween popping in the right direction here are some super easy Halloween Marshmallow Ghosts.

I promise you anyone can do these. In fact, if you suck at drawing like me don’t worry one bit because your Marshmallow Ghosts will still look amazing especially if you have some Halloween stencils.

Don’t judge, a girl has to do what a girl has to do and thankfully whoever created these Halloween stencils came through with a win. If you want to try these Halloween stencils find them here.


Overall, making these Halloween Marshmallow Ghosts was so much fun. You should definitely add these to your bucket list this Halloween. In fact, they are the perfect Halloween treats for kids.

So What do You Need To Make These Halloween Marshmallow Ghosts?

Well, all you need is:

  • One or a few edible markers because we need something to draw on these soft delicious cushion marshmallows.
  • Some lollipop sticks – yes you really need the lollipop sticks. Although if you really plan on eating these immediately you can completely ditch the lollipop stick to save some money.
  • … and of course, the Halloween stencils that will make you look like a pro. However, I drew a few without using the Halloween stencils. Can you tell me which ones?

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So How Do You Make These Halloween Marshmallow Ghosts Anyway?

Well, it’s really simple just draw whatever you want … well as long as it’s Halloween related on the Marshmallows then add your lollipop stick and voila you’re done!

Now your Halloween Marshmallow Ghosts are ready it’s time to dazzle your guests or make them disappear one by one … if you know what I mean … *wink*


So You Want To Add Melted Candy To A Few of Your jack-o’-lantern Halloween Marshmallow Ghost Like A Did?

Well, all you need is some candy melts, some Halloween nonpareil sprinkles, and a candy melting pot.

  • Firstly melt candy melts using candy melting pot or the microwave.
  • Apply a lollipop stick to marshmallow then dip about 1/4 of the marshmallow into the pot of melted candy.
  • Allow the candy to dry just a little before sprinkling the Halloween nonpareil sprinkles onto the marshmallow.
  • After adding Halloween nonpareil sprinkles allow the marshmallow to dry completely then using an edible pen or marker draw Jack-O’-Lantern on your marshmallow and you’re done!
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