Positive Affirmations For Depression

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Positive affirmations help boost morale, build confidence and build self-esteem. In fact, the daily use of positive affirmations can positively change how you feel about yourself.

How Positive Affirmations Can Help Combat Depression

Firstly, depression is a serious health issue. Therefore, seeking the help of a medical expert is one of the first steps one should take to help them combat depression.

However, for some individuals, using positive affirmations can help combat depression.

In fact, in simple terms, positive affirmations aim to boost and/or build self-esteem and self-confidence. Thus, helps positively improve how someone views their reality.

How Depression Affects One’s Ability To Accurately Assess Their Reality

Unfortunately, depression distorts how someone views their reality, by creating a false representation of situations.

For instance, being depressed because of a distorted view of being unproductive, when in reality the situation is the complete opposite.

How The Daily Use Of Positive Affirmations Can Help Combat Depression

Using positive affirmations can help combat depression by helping change how one views their reality. Thus, instead of feeling, life is full of disappointments, one begins to view life as a wonderland of opportunities they are able to pursue.

However, please note, not everyone will benefit from using affirmations for depression. Therefore, seeking help from a medical expert is firstly and highly recommended.

Plus, seeking help from family and friends for emotional support shouldn’t be overlooked, it should be embraced. Remember, you’re not alone during this period – so use your support system.

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Simple Ways To Incorporate Affirmations Into Daily Routine

Affirmations can easily be incorporated into one’s daily routine. For instance, affirmations can be recited in the morning during breakfast, at night before bed, on a break at work, or after work during a workout session.

How To Make Affirmations Work

For your affirmations to work, make sure that they are:

  1. Make believable positive affirmations
  2. Create specific and clear affirmations
  3. Ensure your affirmations are positive and encouraging
  4. Be proactive by taking the steps needed to achieve goals

Here are some positive affirmations for depression to add to your list.

  1. I love myself.
  2. I appreciate my life.
  3. I am happy, healthy, and centered.
  4. Change provides me opportunities.
  5. I’m allowed to express pain and joy.
  6. I love the unique person I am.
  7. I am calm, patient, and in control of my emotions.
  8. The more I give, the more I will receive.
  9. My negative thoughts and self-images are gone.
  10. I refuse to give in to these feelings of defeat.

Positive Affirmations List for Depression

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