Capsim A Game Of Path Dependence Theory Here’s How To Beat Capsim Simulation

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Path dependence theory is one of the concepts that is discussed in most strategic MBA courses. However, path dependence theory is not just another business strategic concept. In fact, it can be used to explain the decisions we make daily. In the Capsim simulation business game, path dependence theory is indirectly a core part of the game. All in all, here’s how to use path dependence theory to help you beat Capsim simulation.

Capsim A Game Of Path Dependence Theory


Capsim A Game Of Path Dependence Theory 

Capsim rounds 1 to 3 are critical to how successful you will be at Capsim simulation. Remember the path dependence theory which basically means decisions made in the past limits the decisions you can make in the future. In this game, this theory takes center stage since you can’t undo the decisions once you advance to another round.

Therefore, if you mess up the earlier rounds it will be difficult to bounce back since the type of decisions you need to make in the later rounds can be restricted or limited due to the decisions you made in the earlier rounds. Hence it is important to make the best decisions, especially during the first three rounds to set a strong foundation you can build on. Use the Capsim guides below to help you fortify your strategy. Good luck!

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