Winning Capsim Strategy Plan For Team Andrews

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Looking for strategies to help you beat Capsim? It’s your lucky day! Beat Capsim easily with this winning Capsim strategy plan for team Andrews!

Capsim Strategy Plan for Team

Capsim Guide Plan with Winning Capsim Strategy Plan

There are various strategies you can use to beat Capsim as long as the core of each strategy is based on giving customers what they want.

This Capsim winning strategy involved dominating the high-end product segment while still maintaining a presence in each segment until the end of the game.

Overall, this strategy worked – Andrews successfully dominated the game at the end of the 8th round.

CAPSIM Round 8

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This strategy is far from perfect – I messed up my product cycle in this simulation. I completely ignored the fact every product has a life cycle that cannot be ignored.

Moreover, keeping products in a product segment requires constant repositioning, which is costly.

Overall, it’s cheaper to allow a product to drift downwards to the low-end product segment without repositioning while newly invented products replace them.

If I had to play another round, I would be in big trouble.

Don’t make that mistake. Plus also remember that your company is producing sensors for a company like Apple.

So your sensors have to be ready for market by the end of June every year in order to get the best sales.

In the end, your performance will be determined by:

  • How much risk you are willing to take in the earlier rounds, AKA how much you are willing to make it rain using bonds and shareholders’ money.
  • Your ability to forecast sales, thereby accurately supplying sensors based on market demands.
  • Most importantly, your ability to effectively analyze your competitor’s last move in order to better predict your competitor’s next move.

Capsim Tips: Walk On The Shoulder Of Giants

Don’t be afraid to walk on the shoulder of giants for this one.

Yes, research! You need to know what others have done and the possibilities.

This will help you avoid pitfalls and also help you formulate your own strategy to help you win Capsim.

Capsim Tips: Give Customers What They Want

In this game, if you fail to give the customers what they want in comparison to your competitors, you will lose.

Now, there are some situations where you may not be able to give them exactly what they want.

Nevertheless, it’s your job to satisfy the customer better than your competition as much as you can with the resources you have available.

Capsim Tips: Always Monitor Your Capsim Competitor’s Strategic Decisions

Always monitor your competitor’s strategy. The capstone courier shows you the decisions your competitors made during the prior round.

Monitoring their strategy will help you better determine decisions for each department for upcoming rounds.

Before Starting Capsim

There are two main things you should definitely do before you start the game: First, read the Capsim booklet from front to back until you gain a better understanding of the purpose of the game and what’s your purpose in it all.

The booklet is very resourceful – it explains the modules well.

If you don’t read the booklet you are walking in this game blind and most likely you won’t like the results, neither will your professor.

Secondly, if this is a group assignment, ensure every team member is placed in the right position.

For example, a marketing person shouldn’t be in charge of finance and a finance person shouldn’t be in charge of marketing unless they have exceptional experience in both areas.

Jim Collins said it best “the right people in the right seats“.

However, if you are playing this simulation game alone don’t worry it’s doable, just go through the booklet and research before you start playing the game. Good luck!

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