How to Make Your Scholarship Essay Stand Out

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One of the easiest ways to win scholarships for college is to write an outstanding scholarship essay that stands out.

If writing essays is not your cup of tea, find comfort in knowing that writing essays isn’t as hard as it may seem.

In fact, with a little research, your personal story, correct grammar, correct spelling, and proofreading you too can create your own outstanding essay that stands out. Here’s how to get started!

Research Scholarship Essay Questions

While most scholarship essay questions are generic, writing a generic essay isn’t outstanding. In fact, it’s boring and unimaginative.

Thus, to avoid writing a generic essay, first research historic data and current trends about your essay questions to help you write more in-depth responses.

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Personalize Your Scholarship Essay

While research is important, it isn’t everything. Therefore, personalize your responses by using your personal life experiences to help you answer scholarship essay questions.

Using this method will lessen the chance of you writing a generic essay that can easily be duplicated by other scholarship applicants who wrote their scholarship essay based on similar research data.

Write With Passion

Use your research and life experiences as your emotional guide to tell a unique, powerful, and inspiring story.

Focus On Quality

Just because you wrote a 15-page essay when a minimum of 5 pages was required doesn’t mean you will be awarded the scholarship. Instead, focus on quality.

Use Correct Grammar and Spelling

Bad grammar and spelling can cost you scholarships. Therefore, double and triple-check your essays for grammar mistakes and spelling errors to ensure you are submitting your best work.


Proofreading helps you create a polished essay that better represents your thoughts and emotions.

Therefore, always proofread your essay multiple times to correct grammatical errors, spelling errors, run-on sentences, and so forth.

Furthermore, remember to have your essay proofread by someone else for the best results.

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How to Make Your Scholarship Essay Stand Out

Writing the best essay does not guarantee you will win the scholarship. However, the exposure you get from completing this exercise definitely helps prepare you for college.

Therefore, use this opportunity to practice your writing, get to know yourself better, learn how to develop a personal brand and market it effectively. Good luck!

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