Costly College Mistakes To Avoid

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Nowadays, a tweet shared five years ago can jeopardize current and potential opportunities within minutes.

Thus, whether you’re a scholarship holder or not, avoid these costly college mistakes.

Scholarships Holders

Being awarded a scholarship is hard, and maintaining a scholarship can be even harder.

Therefore, don’t risk your scholarship over compromising behaviors.

After all, it’s not unheard of for colleges to rescind offers due to bad behavior.

In fact, many funded college scholarships are conditioned on the scholarship winner’s good behavior.

Thus, scholarship benefits can be taken away easily for failing to comply.

Costly College Mistakes To Avoid

Don’t be the student who risked it all and lost thousands of scholarship funding. Use this guide to help you avoid the pitfalls.

1. Going Viral For The Wrong Reasons

As a college student, drinking and partying isn’t a big deal. However, what’s a big deal is a compromising drunk video of you going viral.

Therefore, know your limit, and most importantly, if you can’t handle the after-effects of alcohol, don’t drink.

Also, monitor your surroundings – don’t get caught on video or pictures in compromising situations.

2. Indiscretion On Social Media

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for students to lose their scholarship offers, internship offers, job offers and college acceptance offers over statements they made on social media years ago.

Therefore, be very careful about what you share on all your social media platforms.

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3. Bad Behavior

It is not hard to imagine someone losing their scholarships due to illegal activities or being a foul person.

Therefore, be nice and keep your moral compass in check.

Costly College Mistakes To Avoid 1 of 1

4. Pleasing The Wrong People

“If your friends jump off a bridge, will you join them?”

Therefore, don’t succumb to peer pressure, especially when you’re the only one with something to lose.

5. Being Disrespectful

The universe has a funny way of punishing those who don’t do right by others.

Therefore, be careful, because the person you are disrespecting might just be the one in charge of renewing your scholarship.

6. Underage Drinking

It is not out of the ordinary to drink in college. However, underage drinking charges or being caught with alcohol on campus can cost you your scholarship.

Therefore, if you are underage, and/or you live on campus, avoid alcohol because it’s not worth risking your scholarship.

7. Failing Classes

Have fun, but not too much fun. All things considered, remember, earning your college degree is your top priority.

Therefore, attend your classes, complete assignments on time, and fully prepare for exams to lessen the chance of failing classes.

Given these points, live your best college life, but don’t jeopardize opportunities during your college years.

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