15 Convenient Easy Keto Friendly Meal Ideas When You Didn’t Meal Prep

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Eating healthy isn’t always convenient and as a result, during inconvenient times the temptation to eat unhealthy quick meals to satisfy your hunger is higher than normal.

To avoid being in this predicament meal prepping is highly recommended but what if you didn’t meal prep? Well, luckily, in this post, we are dishing out 15 convenient easy keto friendly meal ideas that only take a few minutes to make.

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Meal Prepping Makes Eating Healthy Easier

When meals are already prepared all you have to do is reheat the meal and you’re ready to eat. In general, meal prepping adds convenience to diet plans, which makes eating healthy easier.

However, if you didn’t meal prep for some reason or you just can be bothered with meal prepping it becomes easier to eat an unhealthy meal especially if it’s convenient.

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15 Convenient Easy Keto Friendly Meal Ideas When You Didn’t Meal Prep

Nevertheless, you can avoid this by using a variety of healthy ingredients to make delicious easy quick meals. Let’s take a look at 15  different meal ideas you can prepare within minutes. Plus, these meals are also keto friendly just in case you need a few convenient easy meals for your keto diet.


Scramble Eggs

Scrambled eggs can be prepared within minutes on a skillet – just spray some non-stick cooking spray to the skillet, add your eggs, a pinch of salt and a pinch black pepper.


Cheese Shells

Cooking cheese shells are as simple as sprinkling the cheese in the skillet and letting it cook until the cheese brown around the edges. Cheese shells are delicious and they only take a few minutes to make.



Eggs, in general, do not take long to cook, but omelets, in particular, need more attention. Thus, monitor your omelet to avoid an overly cooked crusty bottom.


No Shell Or Tail Grilled Shrimp

Sprinkle some black pepper and salt on some shrimps, then add a few teaspoons of olive oil then place your shrimps on a George Foreman grill and you will be eating within minutes. If you love grilled shrimps salads and grill chicken salads the George Foreman grill is a must.


Frozen Vegetables

Follow the instruction on the package, and your vegetables will be ready within 5 to 7 minutes.


Mixed Nuts

Use mixed nuts to create a healthy meal to fight off your hunger – you don’t even have to cook, just add some chopped cabbage, lettuce, spinach, and onions to create a meal. However, while the carbs aren’t too high in nuts it is best to eat them in moderation.


Grilled Salmon

Put the salmon on the George Forman grill and the grilled salmon will be cooked in a few minutes.


Turkey Bacon

Heat up turkey bacon and it is time to chow down. You don’t even have to add any other ingredients if you don’t want to.


Turkey Pepperoni

Turkey pepperoni is great to snack on when you are hungry. To create a full keto low cab meal use some cucumber slices as biscuits.



Add some salami to the skillet then add some vegetables and your meal will be ready within a few minutes.


Sausage links

You can cook your sausage links on a grill, a stove top, in the oven, and in the microwave. No matter how you decide to cook them one thing for sure you will be eating within minutes.


Pulled Pork

Heat up the pulled pork then add some vegetables, chopped lettuce or cabbage to create a delicious meal.



Delicious guacamole is a few minutes away. Mash your avocado then add salt, pepper, lime juice, jalapeno juice, chopped tomatoes, then mix.



Salads are quick and easy meals in general. So gather all your fresh vegetables and or fruits, seasonings because it’s time to chop, mix and toss your way to a delicious meal within minutes!


Spinach Smoothie

A delicious smoothie when you’re extremely hungry is life. If you don’t feel like doing much cleaning after cooking and you need a meal like yesterday a smoothie will do the trick. Put all your ingredient together in a blender and your meal is a minute or two away.


These Keto Friendly Meal Ideas Are Quick and Easy To Prepare

We all have our moments when we have to grab something to eat on the go. These keto meal ideas are great for these moments since they are healthy, quick and easy to prepare and requires no meal prep.


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