Low Carb Low Sugar Keto Snacks

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Being on a diet can be so challenging! Thankfully, the keto diet allows you to experiment a lot more with food.

Here are 9 low carb low-sugar keto snacks to add to your keto diet plan!

Low Carb Low Sugar Keto Snacks

  1. No bun cheeseburger sliders
  2. Almonds
  3. Peanut butter covered berries
  4. Boiled eggs
  5. Grilled chicken strips
  6. Grass-fed beef jerky
  7. Avocado slices
  8. Broccoli and cheese
  9. Dark chocolate covered walnuts

Keto Snack #1: No Bun Cheeseburger Sliders

Low Sugar Keto Snacks: No bun cheeseburger sliders

This is a great low carb low sugar keto snack due to the high protein in both beef and cheese.

Plus, the fat from the cheese may reduce insulin levels and release hormones that can lower one’s blood sugar level.

Keto Snack #2: Almonds

Low Sugar Keto Snacks: Almonds

Almonds can assist in controlling blood sugar for people with diabetes.

Additionally, almonds are also able to stabilize blood sugar because of the high amounts of fiber, protein, and healthy fats that almonds contain.

Keto Snack #3: Peanut Butter Covered Berries

Low Sugar Keto Snacks: Peanut butter covered berries

The antioxidants in berries can help lower one’s sugar level. The high amount of fiber, vitamin E, magnesium, and manganese in peanut butter is helpful for controlling blood sugar.

Keto Snack #4: Boiled Eggs

Low Sugar Keto Snacks: Boiled eggs

Due to the high amounts of protein, boiled eggs keep the blood sugar levels from getting too high, which is helpful for diabetes.

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Keto Snack #5: Grilled Chicken Strips

Low Sugar Keto Snacks: Grilled chicken strips

Chicken is full of protein that can help manage your blood sugar levels.

Keto Snack #6: Grass-Fed Beef Jerky

Low Sugar Keto Snacks: Grass-fed beef jerky

With the combination of high protein and omega-3 fatty acids, grass-fed beef jerky is great for stabilizing blood sugar levels.

Keto Snack #7: Avocado Slices

Low Sugar Keto Snacks: Avocado slices

The monounsaturated fatty acids in avocados can improve blood sugar level by a substantial amount.

Keto Snack #8: Broccoli And Cheese

Low Sugar Keto Snacks: Broccoli and cheese

The protein in cheese is great for controlling blood sugar, and it helps that the broccoli have tons of minerals, fiber, and vitamins.

Keto Snack #9: Dark Chocolate Covered Walnuts

Low Sugar Keto Snacks: Dark chocolate covered walnuts

The antioxidants in dark chocolate can help lower sugar level, but make sure that the dark chocolate is at least 70% cocoa. Walnuts are also packed with plenty of protein.

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