Signs Alcohol Is Slowing You Down

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There’s nothing wrong with having a drink from time to time.

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In fact, for some of us, a few of our most memorable moments are the moments we can barely remember due to drinking more than our share of the margaritas.

Disclaimer: Now of course when you’re drinking be around people you trust, be in a safe environment, and do not drink and drive!

With all things considered it’s no secret alcohol isn’t the healthiest option.

In fact, too much alcohol can affect your well-being which leads to the question, “is alcohol slowing you down?”

Here are some Signs Alcohol Is Slowing You Down

  • Your sense of motivation disappears
  • Urge to eat unhealthy foods increases
  • Waking up extremely exhausted is now the norm

Your sense of Motivation Disappears

Firstly your sense of motivation disappears quickly and instead of being productivity you procrastinate.

For instance, let’s say today you were motivated to have a productive day, but you decide to have a drink and chill only for 15 minutes.

However, after the drink “only for 15 minutes” turns into 30 minutes, then 30 minutes turns into an hour. Before you know it your sense of motivation has disappeared.

Urge to Eat Unhealthy Foods Increases

It’s hard to contain the alcoholic munchies! Regardless of how discipline you are it is easy to give in to your urge to eat unhealthy foods while under the influence.

Waking up extremely exhausted is now the norm

According to the Sleep Foundation, alcohol can leave you feeling drowsy from time to time.

However, while alcohol can help you fall asleep, it also contributes to poor quality sleep.

This explains why you can have 8 hours of sleep and still find yourself waking up extremely exhausted after a night of drinking.

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If alcohol is slowing you down It’s Time For A Change

If alcohol is slowing you down it’s time to make a change. You may consider drinking less or just not drinking anymore.

However, whatever you decide, be prepared to commit to your decision in order to be successful.

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