How To Do A Social Media Detox To Refocus

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This post is all about how to do a social media detox.

Sometimes you just need a break from social media, and that’s totally okay. Use this post to guide you.

Social Media Has Become Part Of Modern Life

Social media has become a part of modern life. Applications like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube have grabbed our attention into our smartphones.

Whether you need to catch up with an old friend or find a person, social media apps are there for you. Also, to get relief from boredom, you take up your phone and check Facebook.

This has been a very popular notion of people around the world.

Drawbacks of Social Media

However, if you want to seek out the benefits of social media, there are a few, but there are more drawbacks.

Social media not only deviates our attention from the outside world but also makes our lives robot-like.

It’s also hampering the sleep and eating schedule of humans. So, how to do a Social media Detox?

Will it do any good? Let’s find out more in this article.

Why Social Media Detox is Necessary?

Social media has taken over our lives.

You will find yourself watching videos on YouTube, checking your Facebook or Instagram page, and you might not want to put the phone down.

Social media has a few benefits. For instance, you get to catch up with family or old friends.

However, if you become addicted to using social media, it can affect your mental health and productivity.

Thus, spending too much time on social media can negatively affect your life.

Therefore, a social media detox is necessary from time to time.

Top 10 Ways To Do A Social Media Detox

There are so many ways you can detox social media from your life and get a healthy routine. This will help you feel fresh every morning, and you can be productive too.

  1. Turn off the phone at times
  2. Delete the social media apps
  3. Start a morning habit
  4. Try not to reach for the phone
  5. Get a new hobby
  6. Choose better media to follow
  7. Close apps you use the most
  8. Talk to family and friends
  9. Give Time To The Outer World
  10. Practice Meditation

How To Do A Social Media Detox #1: Turn Off The Phone At Times

You are engaged in your smartphone from the morning to before you finally close your eye for sleep.

Try to avoid this scenario. Ignore the late-night scrolling into Facebook and other apps.

Turn off your smartphone entirely and keep it away from your bed. It might seem hard at first, but once you follow this routine, it will become a good habit.

By practicing this Social Media Detox habit, you will get better sleep, because your eyes won’t have to face the phone glare.

How To Do A Social Media Detox #2: Delete The Social Media Apps

It might be a daunting task at first, but if you do it, this will help you in a better way.

You find yourself scrolling through the app when you are waiting at a clinic, or on the way to work, and in other places.

Once you delete the app, you will get to notice other things around you.

This will be a good chance for a while. Social media apps are only distractions, and deleting them for a while will not do much damage to your life.

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How To Do A Social Media Detox #3: Start A Morning Habit

Except checking your phone every morning, you can opt for Social Media Detox.

This means you must not look at the phone and go for exercise. This will help you get better energy throughout the day.

Also, instead of setting a phone alarm, then use a real clock to wake you up.

When you set an alarm on your mobile, it will push you to check the notifications.

If you want to detox, then buy an alarm clock and use that.

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How To Do A Social Media Detox #4: Try Not To Reach For The Phone

If you reach for your phone from time to time without any reason, then you have to break this habit.

This is a compulsive issue, and it will do no good for you. In offices, employers restrict the phone time of their workers.

They monitor the same. If you do not want your name on the bad employee list, then you need to break this habit.

Even when you are at home, you must engage in other works than reaching for the phone.

Extend your hand for a book, coffee mug, and paintbrushes, but not a phone.

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How To Do A Social Media Detox #5: Get A New Hobby

Social media will drain your energy faster than anything else. An average social media user spends at least two hours and twenty-four minutes on their phone.

If you acquire a new hobby other than your phone, you can do so many creative things. Get addicted to gardening, books, painting, or any other crafts and hobbies.

These things will be functional, and you will not feel that your day is wasted.

How To Do A Social Media Detox #6: Choose Better Media To Follow

The contents you check on your phone are mostly useless, and they don’t yield anything productive.

For example, if you are watching YouTube, check out the new crafts, recipes, different techniques.

This way, Social Media Detox will help you learn new things or skills.

If you are just scrolling Facebook to read about some celebrity news and gossip, it will not favor you.

How To Do A Social Media Detox #7: Close Apps You Use The Most

You can close the apps that you use most.

Also, download an app that will help you check the time you spend in those places.

It will show you the daily factors, and with this, you can control your social media habit.

How To Do A Social Media Detox #8: Talk To Family And Friends

Instead of using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, call your friends and family and talk to them.

Meet them personally and have a deep conversation.

You won’t need to meet up with old friends through social media, where you can talk to them directly.

This will relieve stress and your day will not go unproductive.

How To Do A Social Media Detox #9: Give Time To The Outer World

The outer world needs your attention too. Look up from your smartphone and go outside.

Once you are outside, inhale the fresh air, and stay there for a while.

This will soothe your eyes and your ears too.

If you live in a crowded place, it might be hard to get fresh air, but still coming to your balcony and watching people walking by can soothe your mind.

You can also tend your small garden, read a book outside.

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How To Do A Social Media Detox #10: Practice Meditation

Mediation is a good thing to do when you are following Social Media Detox.

This will help you concentrate more on your daily life.

Also, you will get more energy throughout the day. You can easily calm your head, and you can prevent the urge to check your phone.

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Social Media Detox is a good thing and once you follow the same, you will be thankful for your decision.

Tell your friends about the same and urge them to do the same.

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