How To Stay Warm and Still Look Cute and Stylish in Winter

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Winter Style

We women always want to look cute and stylish no matter what season it is. During winter looking cute and stylish and staying warm is hard to do without having the necessary winter essentials.

Chic 004 Date Night


Date Night 

A throwback from college days seeing some women sacrificing warmth for style was always interesting to watch. One thing for sure is you couldn’t win them at a walking competition even if you tried! Simply because they would be walking so fast to get out of the cold, then again who could blame them.

Walking to class in the cold at 8 o’clock in the morning was hardly anyone’s cup of tea, however doing so with inadequate clothing dramatically increase the level of annoyance.

Those of us with better-suited clothing were still freezing so it was hard to imagine them being warm during their runway walk to class. You don’t have to be these women during winter you just need to get the right pieces and make them work with your winter style.


Fluctuating winter temperatures

If you are living in an area like Texas, then you know how frustrating it could be deciding what to wear during the winter. You have to check the weather forecast before you select what you will be wearing for the day. This is a necessary step if you want to be comfortable during the day.

On the days you decide not to do your due diligence by checking the weather you might be unlucky and find yourself wearing too much clothing or not enough to withstand the temperature during that day.


Chic 005 Running Errands


Running Errands


Sometimes it is so tempting to wear that cute little dress you bought during the end of summer sale with a light cardigan when the weather temperature requires a pair of jeans, hat, scarf, foot warmers, and a pair of thigh high boots.

Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice style during winter. You just have to develop the habit of monitoring the weather before you decide what to wear and buy the basic weather essentials that complement your style.


Basic Winter Essentials That Complement Your Style


Chic 006 Basic Winter Essentials


Winter Essentials


Items similar to the picture above are a must for your winter style and should be used according to the temperature. On very cold days every single item should be used to keep you warm. However, you can wear them in such a way that they complement the outfit for the occasion.

For example, for date nights if you decide to show a little skin remember to pick stylish items that will keep you warm like an oversized jacket.

If you wear shorts and it’s cold outside pair these shorts with a pair of thigh high boots. The length of the boots will keep your thighs warm – avoid wearing shorts with pumps on very cold days unless you are attending an event held inside a warm area.

Once again, your winter style doesn’t need to be sacrifice during winter cold days just find cute warm pieces that complement your style and dress for the occasion.


What are your winter essentials that complement your style?

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