Top Winter Clothing Essentials For Women

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Staying put together during winter can be such a hassle. Here are a few must-have winter clothing essentials for women.

Must-Have Winter Clothing Essentials For Women

Use this winter clothing list to help you stay warm, look cute and stylish every winter.

Winter Clothing Essential #1: Blazers

Cute, clean-cut, cute blazers are easy to dress up or down.

So no wonder they are one of the most common use winter clothing items.

For instance, dress your blazer up by throwing over a skater dress and knee-high boots.

Or dress your blazer down by throwing over a white tee and wearing a pair of your favorite jeans.

Blazers For Winter  | How To Stay Warm and Still Look Cute and Stylish in Winter

Winter Clothing Essential #2: Scarves

Scarves are a must-have winter essential. There’s no debate. If you want to argue, do it with your mama.

Oh gosh, I can’t imagine, not having a few chunky oversized scarves on deck for winter.

As far as I am concerned, the more scarves the better.

These things keep your neck warm, which dramatically decreases how cold you feel overall.

Scarfs For Winter  | How To Stay Warm and Still Look Cute and Stylish in Winter

Winter Clothing Essential #3:  Thigh-high boots

Thigh-high boots are just sexy, and they go with just about any winter outfit you can think of.

Don’t be left behind in the cold winter months without them.

A cute pair of thigh-high boots can take a basic winter outfit from 10 to 100 in secs.

Thank me later.

High-thigh Boots For Winter  | How To Stay Warm and Still Look Cute and Stylish in Winter
Thigh-High Boots

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Winter Clothing Essential #4: Knee-high Boots

Now after your sexy thigh-high boots you have your knee-high boots that go with everything, especially jeans.

These are staples in every fashion-forward fashionista’s closets because these types of winter boots really make staying put together and stylish fun and easy during winter.

Winter Essentials Knee High Boots
Knee High Boots

Winter Clothing Essential #5: Flat Boots

If I could only pick one pair of winter boots, it would be a pair of flat boots, because they can be worn everywhere.

Plus, let’s be real, every event doesn’t require or call for a pair of thigh-high boots no matter how good they look.

So for these low-key events or a casual trip to the grocery store, a pair of flat boots works.

Winter Essentials Flat Boots
Flat Boots

Winter Clothing Essential #6: Cardigans

Cardigans have a way of making the most basic jeans and t-shirt outfits look stylish and put together.

Plus, there are so many types of cardigans to complement any outfit.

For instance, I love wearing long oversized cardigans over jeans to create an effortless casual winter outfit.

It’s actually my go-to look for my “lazy but still fab” winter days.


Winter Clothing Essential #7: Hooded Coats

Hooded coats are what you pull when winter decides to get too bold.

These coats are almost guaranteed to keep you warm because they cover your head, ears, chest, and neck.

Plus, the longer they are the better.

In general, the best coats for winter are longer than most.

So if you want to stay warm during winter, get longer coats.

Winter Coats
Hooded Coats

Winter Clothing Essential #8: Lapel Collar Coats

Lapel collar coats are stylish, and they make you look posh.

They are great for special events during winter.

They look great with both boots and booties.

Long Coats
Lapel Collar Coats

Winter Clothing Essential #9: Booties

Booties will forever be a winter staple in my winter closet.

Whether it’s flat, has chunky heels, or stiletto heels, because they can be worn with everything.

For example, they can be worn over your jeans pants, or under. Unlike, other winter boots that can only be worn over your jeans.

Booties For Winter  | How To Stay Warm and Still Look Cute and Stylish in Winter

Winter Clothing Essential #10: Oversized Sweaters

Oversized sweaters were made for the winter fall and fall season – there’s no doubt in my mind.

Styles these sweaters are so easy, so it’s guaranteed whatever outfit you create will look good.

I purchase a few sweaters from Zaful last fall, and they are actually good quality, I was surprised.

So I am stocked up for a while. However, if a good sale comes my way, with Rakuten cashback, I will definitely pick up a few.

Oversized Sweaters

Winter Clothing Essential #11: Jeans Pants

You could never have too many pairs of jeans, especially during winter.

However, good-quality jeans are not cheap.

If you’re looking for quality jeans on a budget, off-price retailers like TJ Maxx and Marshalls offer some quality pairs from high-end department stores on the low-low.

Jeans For Winter  | How To Stay Warm and Still Look Cute and Stylish in Winter
Jeans Pants

Winter Clothing Essential #12: Leggings

What can I say about leggings you already don’t know.

All in all, they are cheap and can make your butt look fantastic!

I wear leggings all year round, so you know I stock up on the sales!

Leggings For Winter  | How To Stay Warm and Still Look Cute and Stylish in Winter

Winter Clothing Essential #13: Beanie Hats

Beanie hats are not hairstyle friendly, but these suckers will keep your head warm on the worse winter days.

Plus, they are perfect for days you just don’t have the time to get all dolled up.

I can’t tell you how many exams I have completed in beanie hats … a lot.

Pom Pom Knit Beanie For Winter  | How To Stay Warm and Still Look Cute and Stylish in Winter
Beanie Hats

Winter Clothing Essential #14: Denim Jackets

Denim jackets just make you look cool.

But besides that, a good pair will keep you warm during a night out with the girls or date night during a cold winter night.

I find the best denim jackets for winter are oversized jackets because it is easier to add layers to your outfit without looking crazy.

Jacket For Winter  | How To Stay Warm and Still Look Cute and Stylish in Winter
Denim Jackets

Winter Clothing Essential #15: Leg Warmers

Leg warmers go perfectly with flats.

Now you may be wondering, flats during winter? Like what in the name of crazy?

I know. I was thinking the same thing until I wore a pair of black leg warmers with a pair of my pointy-toe flats.

Don’t knock it till you try it!

Leg Warmers For Winter  | How To Stay Warm and Still Look Cute and Stylish in Winter
Leg Warmers

Winter Clothing Essential #16: Over The Knee Long Socks

Here is the secret to saving money on a pair of thigh-high boots this winter!

Yes, get some pairs of over the knee long socks to wear with some heels or boots you already own.

Don’t say I never helped you, save a quick buck.

Anyway, all jokes aside, these stocks are great for lazy days with a hot cup of chocolate.

Winter Staples Over The Knee Long Socks
Over The Knee Long Socks

Winter Clothing Essential #17: Ear Muffs

On freezing winter days, a pair of ear muffs keep your ears warm and also protect your ears from frostbites.

Don’t leave home without a pair during freezing winter days.

Ear Muffs For Winter  | How To Stay Warm and Still Look Cute and Stylish in Winter
Ear Muffs

Winter Clothing Essential #18: Touchscreen Winter Gloves

If you want to stay warm during winter, keep your neck, feet, head, ears, chest, and fingers warm.

For me, as long as these areas are warm, I can take on the world during winter.

Now, as for your fingers, most leather cotton gloves will do.

However, if you use your mobile phone often, a pair of touchscreen winter gloves are a must.

These types of winter gloves are a game-changer for all social media addicts out there!

Gloves like these are saving our fingertips during winter.


Touchscreen Winter Gloves For Winter  | How To Stay Warm and Still Look Cute and Stylish in Winter
Touchscreen Winter Gloves

Winter Clothing Essential #19: Floppy Hats

Black or bloody red floppy hats and a pair of dark shades.

Do you see where I am going with this?

Yes, we are getting ready to push through that annoying, cold winter breeze in style.

These hats keep your head warm and give you are fighting chance against the cold winter breeze.

Floppy Hats For Winter  | How To Stay Warm and Still Look Cute and Stylish in Winter
Floppy Hats

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