6 Catchphrases Haters Love To Say

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Here are 6 catchphrases haters love to say – they have no shame in their hate game. Be familiar with these catchphrases to be on the alert! You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

Catchphrases Haters Really Love

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6 Catchphrases Haters Love Saying

Catchphrases Haters Love To Say

  1. “I see that Little Thing You Doing”
  2. “Everybody Ain’t Able”
  3. “But Congratulations” (After Saying Something Negative)
  4. “Money Changed You.” (Usually, it’s the Other Way Around)
  5. “You Never Hit Me Up” (Even Though this is a Two Way Street)
  6. “You Forgot Where You Came From”
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