Holiday Brokeness Is Real! How To Survive Expensive Holidays When You’re Broker Than Broke

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Adulting is tough and rough especially when you’re broke. While some will argue being broke is just a state of mind in the real world there are just some things that are exactly what they are.

Hence, in this case, trying to see the glass half full isn’t really rational especially when the bills are due and you’re still broke.

How To Survive The Holiday Season When You're Broke

“Holiday Brokeness” Is A Different Type Of “Brokeness”

Holiday brokeness seems to be quite different from normal days. Thanks to the generous offers from many retailers plus holiday-themed activities brokeness is amplified to the third degree during the holidays.

While a good sale is a steal and the good memories created from holiday-themed activities are irreplaceable how great is it if you can’t really afford it?

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How To Survive Expensive Holidays When You’re Broker Than Broke

There are a few things you can do that are guaranteed to work including not participating in sales and skipping holiday-themed activities opting for Netflix and Chill instead.

However, if you are a shopaholic and a social butterfly committing to these strategies would most likely be impossible. So how do you survive expensive holidays when you’re broker than broke? Well here are a few tips to help you survive.


When You’re Broker Than Broke: Participating In Holiday Sales Tips

There are so many holiday sales. Unfortunately, depending on how broke you are it might be impossible to participate in all holiday sales no matter how alluring they are.

Thus, your best option is to choose holiday sales with the greatest returns and avoid impulsive buying.  So make a list and check it twice before you even decide which sales you will participate in. Then find the best holiday deals for the items on your list.


When You’re Broker Than Broke: Attending Holiday-Themed Activities Tips 

Holiday-themed activities present an opportunity to create irreplaceable memories. However, chances are you won’t be able to attend all holiday-themed activities.

In fact, depending on the cost of the event you just might have to skip it. Overall, it is better to attend bigger group events than several mini-group events because you are able to spend time with more people with just one outing.

Thus, home get-togethers with friends and families and holiday parties where participants can contribute to food and drinks are best.


When You’re Broker Than Broke: Holiday Gifting Tips

Set a minimum price for all your gifting. If you can only afford a $10 or $20 gift then find something the person will enjoy or opt for a gift card.

In general, gift cards are where it’s at. You will be surprised how many people would appreciate a $10 or $20 gas or Amazon gift card more than receiving an item they might actually never use.


When You’re Broker Than Broke: Holiday Decorating Tips

You really don’t need to go crazy with the decorations – less is more. In fact, for Christmas, an artificial Christmas tree, Christmas tree decorations, and Christmas stockings only if it’s part of your family’s Christmas tradition will work just fine.

Furthermore, if you already own these items don’t be tempted to replace them. Only replace these items if they’re damaged and they’re too expensive or time-consuming to repair.


Don’t Stress, Instead Buy And Do What You Can Afford

Overall don’t stress! Buy and do what you can afford – don’t try keeping up with the Joneses. Your holiday can be enjoyable too without the expensive glitz and glam of the holidays.

So this holiday season, find your own affordable way to make it special even if you’re broker than broke.

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