How To Dress Boujee When You’re Broker Than Broke Using Designer Dupes Or Designer Look-Alikes Plus More

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Broker than broke is extreme but it happens. We all don’t have it like that! Sometimes you just can’t manage because you are a rational spender and your responsibilities take top priority.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t look put together, stylish and boujee. No, you still can! Don’t let these Instagram outfit posts make you feel lesser than.

The gag is the majority of the established fashion and beauty influencers get bombarded with free items from brands! In fact, just look at these videos here, and here! This kind of perks comes with hard work from these influencers. If you too have a following this first tip is for you.

Tips On How To Dress Boujee When You’re Broker Than Broke Starts Here!

How To Dress Boujee


Use Your Social Media Influence

Nowadays, even micro influencers benefit too. There are influencers with 5,000 to 10,000 following also connecting with brands. So if you have an engaging Instagram or Youtube following within that range it’s time you start networking! With some effort, you can update your closet easily with free outfits from a few fast fashion companies.


Stalk Instagram Accounts, Well The Informative Budget Friendly Fashion Instagram Accounts

Yes, stalk Instagram accounts, but make sure it’s the informative budget-friendly fashion Instagram accounts. Don’t waste your time on these non-informative fashion Instagram accounts! A top timer waster on Instagram is asking a fashion influencer about a cute outfit and all of a sudden this influencer has amnesia.

An informative influencer can indirectly become your personal stylist – she or he can help you add budget-friendly pieces to your closet you probably wouldn’t find on your own plus they usually offer discount codes.


Using Designer Dupes Or Designer Look-Alikes

You don’t have to buy them all but owning a few will be a great addition to your closet. Here are a few highly recommended fashion designer dupes!

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Using designer dupes is not everyone’s preference. If you’re on the fence about using designer look-alikes – read more about using designer dupes here.

Using Beauty Dupes

You should also make good use of beauty dupes. Drugstore beauty products have come a long way – nowadays you can find great beauty products that outperform or perform very similar to high-end department store products. For example, Elf Cosmetics carries some gems. You can find even more on Pinterest. In the meantime, here are a few highly recommended beauty dupes!

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More Beauty Dupes

What To Read Next:

Be An Informed Shopper Who Saves

Don’t overpay for products. Firstly, be an informed shopper:

  • Do your research on products before spending your hard earned money.
  • Track annual sales by your top retailers. For example, certain department store retailers offer huge discounts during their annual sales – Sephora has Beauty Insider sales through the year, Ulta 21 days of beauty, Macy’s Ultimate Shopping Event. So before you buy a product find out about upcoming sales from these retailers.
  • Do a little thrifting. There are folks buying top designer fashion from thrifting stores at rock-bottom prices.
  • Don’t be a shame to use coupons. Coupons help you save major especially on personal care items at the drugstores.
  • Take advantage of Amazon Subscribe and Save program. 5% to 15% off is up for grabs.
  • Overall, shop smartly using discounts easily available to you. Ebates, for example, should be your best shopping buddy! – there’s a full post about other similar discounts and a full post about Ebates.


Remember Hygiene Tops It All

Hygiene tops it all, so don’t forget about it. Polish your skin, get your nails done, hair styled, teeth whitened, makeup on fleek and find your signature perfume scent. Dressing boujee doesn’t have to break the bank – you can still dress boujee even when you’re “broker than broke”.

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