Bad and Boujee Outfit Ideas

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Hello, I hope this post meets you kicking butt and getting things done with your bad and boujee self! This year is moving along quickly!

It’s almost April! Like what is going on! At this rate, there is no time left to procrastinate – whatever self-improvement plans you made for the year whether it’s financial, physical or spiritual needs your attention now if you’ve been ignoring it. Start working on these plans if you haven’t before it’s midnight December 31. Remember when you said 2018 was your year? Well, it’s not too late!

Anyway, last weekend I was told, you know your birthday is coming up and I was like … oh yea. Like seriously! I am breaking one of my major self-care rules which is ensure you know the exact day months in advance, so you can plan accordingly to avoid all MAJOR life responsibilities the day before and the day after. I really want to say a month! That’s a goal though working on it… However, for those of you who can extend this self-caring, and self-reflecting period to more than a week or two more power to you!

So, after realizing my birthday is less than a month away the first thing on my mind was what I am going to wear. I decided an expensive looking outfit that looks good and fits good without the price tag is the main goal. Plus the outfit needs to be grown and sexy but not too much of either. That’s a lot of requirements for one outfit,  however after considering possible birthday plans plus what’s in my closet a bad and boujee birthday look is a great idea.

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Bad and Boujee On A Budget

Now my boujee is on a budget. I don’t believe you have to go broke to achieve boujee look – it’s really about getting fashionable pieces that compliment your style and making them work with what’s in your closet. Hence, I don’t have plans going on a crazy birthday haul spending spree. However, I am considering a few fashionable pieces to create various looks.

She Bad and She Boujee

Bad and Boujee Outfits Ideas

These outfits are inspired looks with alternatives for each item. If you have a special event coming up and you’re looking for bad and boujee outfits ideas on a budget the ‘dupes on a budget’ will be perfect. I hope this birthday bad and boujee inspired outfits help you plan for your special event.





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