How To Stop Buying Gifts No One Wants

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It’s not the gift. It’s the thought that counts. I think this phrase is so bogus but they might have a point!

How To Stop Buying Gifts No One Wants Save Money and Time Instead

How many times did you receive a gift wondering what in the world were they thinking?

I’ve been there. While you are happy to receive the gift you begin to wonder what the person thinks of you whether you like or dislike the gift.

Some Gifts Can Be Hurtful

Gym membership gifts come to mind. If I ever receive a gym membership as a gift, I would start touching my tummy.

Yes! LOL! Like … Am I gaining weight? Do they think I need to lose weight? … and so on.

While these type of gifts may be coming from a good place they are associated with issues most people are self-conscious about.

Consequently, the gift you choose sends a message, so choose your gifts carefully.

How To Stop Buying Gifts No One Wants | Purchasing A Gift Card |

Gift Cards Is Where It’s At

Honestly, I think giving gift cards from stores like Amazon, Wal-Mart or other huge stores selling items catering to different demographic groups is the way to go.

Some might say it’s the lazy way out or they prefer other gifts over gift cards, I say to each his own.

However, I think a gift card is a smart gift, so when in doubt gift a gift card.

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Here’s How To Stop Buying Gifts No One Wants

When you’re unsure just get a gift card – problem solved!

Gift Card Smart Gift Idea

A gift card is a smart gift idea for the following reasons:

  • Purchasing a gift card instead of an item saves the buyer time. Additionally, the gift cards are usually at the front of the store, so there’s no searching through aisles in order find a gift.
  • It’s less stressful purchasing a gift card. The buyer doesn’t have to determine what the receiver would like based on the buyer’s assumptions of the receiver’s preference.
  • It’s easier to buy a gift card than a particular item since some stores do not always stock every item at all their locations.
  • The receiver will most likely buy an item they like. If they don’t like the item they may return the item based on the store’s return policy.
  • It reduces waste since the receiver will most likely put the item purchased with the gift card to use.
  • The receiver may use the gift card towards a more expensive purchase. So, it’s okay if you can’t afford to buy a gift card with a high value. Rest assured that your gift card, no matter how small the value is can still be used to buy something the receiver will actually use and enjoy.
  • Gift cards make the perfect birthday gift, holiday gift, wedding gift or any other special occasion.
  • Swapping gift cards are easier than swapping other gifts because the gift card is like having cash in hand.

Before Purchasing A Gift Card

Purchasing a gift card is easier, but you could easily mess this up by getting the receiver a gift card for a random store they will probably never buy from.

That’s why I recommend getting a gift card from stores like Wal-Mart and Amazon – make life easier for yourself.

However, if you love a challenge your best option is to simply ask them what are their top five favorite high-end and low-end stores and then get them a gift card from one of the stores.

However, if you want the gift to be a surprise this becomes a little tricky. For this situation, you can ask someone close to the receiver for ideas.

If this doesn’t work you can make note of the items, the receiver owns and uses constantly. Then based on the information you gather, buy a gift card where those items are sold.

When In Doubt A Gift Card Is A Smart Gift

I think this makes gifting easier because you allow the person to pick a gift they want or need.

Overall, I prefer gift cards because they allow me to pick an item I will actually use and enjoy. So when you’re in doubt get a gift card you will almost never go wrong!

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