How To Get Free Items From Companies

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This post is about how to get free items from companies.

Find out where to get free product samples to review.

Get Free Items From These Companies | Bzzagent Edwards Hershey’s Smores Creme Pie |

How To Get Free Items From These Companies |

Get Free Items From These Companies | Influenster Voxbox Yves Saint Laurent YSL All Hours Foundation |

Get Free Items From These Companies | Influenster Voxbox L’Oreal Paris Revitalift |

How To Get Free Items From These Companies | Bye Bye Breakouts Concealer | It Cosmetics |

Influenster Marc Jacobs |

Get Free Items

Whether you are a blogger or an active social media user, these two companies offer free items for testing in exchange for an honest review.

If you’re a tiny blogger, free stuff is hard to come by. Sometimes when they do, they come with certain requirements that go against your standards.

It’s nice to get free stuff once in a while, but you must ensure it will be beneficial to your audience and the requirements don’t go against your standards.

So far I have only come across two companies where tiny bloggers or anyone with a social media account on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter can participate.

These two websites are the truth – Bzzagent and Influenster.

How To Receive Free Stuff From These Companies |

However, Your Time Is Required

So in essence, these “free items” are not totally free.

However, if you have the time and patience to answer a few questions and post to your social media accounts, then you will like these two companies.

As I test out more companies this post will be updated but so far Bzzagent and Influenster offer free items.

The more effort you put into the campaigns, the more likely you will be chosen for future campaigns.

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Get Free Items From Influenster

With Influenster you complete surveys relating to your selected interest. Influenster will then use your responses from these surveys to match you to campaigns.

If you are a potential tester for a campaign, you will then receive another survey to ensure you are a good fit for the campaign.

Once selected, your voxbox is sent to you with the product inside for testing. Most of the products I received were full-size.

Influenster Campaign activities

Campaign activities usually include posting to social media accounts, writing reviews on selected websites, and completing a mandatory survey.

Influenster campaigns are well organized, and the company encourages participants to give honest reviews. Join Influenster here.

Get Free Items From Bzzagent

Bzzagent is very similar to Influenster – you take a survey, then your responses from these surveys are used to match you with the right campaign.

If you are selected for a campaign, the product is then sent to you for testing.

Bzzagent also encourages participants to be honest about their experience testing the product, which is great.

Additionally, the products you receive are full size.

Bzzagent Campaign Activities

Campaign activities are similar to Influenster.

After trying the product you are required to share it on a social media platform of your choice then complete a review on the Bzzagent website. Join Bzzagent here.

If you tried any other companies, and you’ve actually received products from them, we would love to know.

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