How To Receive Your First Pinchme Free Sample Box

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Nowadays free is never really free, so it’s always important to research before participating in these programs. I was informed about Pinchme sometime ago and decided to try it.


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Is Pinchme A Scam?

Overall, I wasn’t expecting much since I’ve tried similar programs and came away empty-handed. However, once again the words “free samples” caught my attention so I gave it a try and now I’m here with a Pinchme sample box review. Consequently, as far as I know, Pinchme is not a scam – they’re legit.

How To Receive Your First Pinchme Free Sample Box |

How To Receive First Pinchme Sample Box

This is my first Pinchme sample box. Surprisingly, getting this first Pinchme sample box was easy.

Here Are The Steps You Can Use To Get Your first Pinchme Box:

  1. Sign up for a Pinchme account here.
  2. Complete your profile by answering a few questions about yourself.
  3. Sign in to Pinchme account the following Tuesday to see if you’re qualified for free samples.
  4. If you are qualified for free samples add these samples to your Pinchme box then checkout.

Pinchme Samples

Here are the samples I am qualified for as of post date (not much):

Pinchme Review |

Pinchbox Checkout |



How Long Does It Take For Pinchme To Ship Free Samples

Pinchme takes a few weeks to ship boxes so it’s not a quick process. I receive my first box after about six weeks – they took so long I had even forgotten about them.  However, in all fairness, they did inform me it would be a few weeks until I receive the box.


Pinchme Samples Quality

They actually sent a mini bag of skittles! Come on now! Really? Anyway, overall I wasn’t impressed with the samples. In addition, on the website, full-size bottles were shown for the free conditioner and shampoo but instead, they sent foil packs, not even the mini bottles.


A Twist For Full-Size Samples

However, I later found out that Pinchme sample sizes are given based on the amount of token acquired. So you somewhat have control over the sample sizes you receive.

How Pinchme Box Works | Token For Samples Review |

All You Need Is Time and Some Luck Perhaps

So, if you have the time and qualified for surveys then you have a chance of receiving the Super Deluxe Pinchme sample box which includes full-size products. So you have to really work for these full-size products.


Pinchme Cash Prizes For Top Performers

Top performers are rewarded with cash prizes instead of more products – not bad.

Pinchme Cash Prizes |


Pinchme Vs Influenster

Pinchme isn’t that different from Influenster. However, more effort is required by the Pinchme user in order to earn other free boxes.

First Pinchme Box

Getting the first free box is easy, however after you will have to really work to get other boxes. While free samples are published every Tuesday at noon, Pinchme users must qualify for the samples by completing  Pinchme surveys and reviewing samples previously received.

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Influenster Vox Boxes Over Pinchme Boxes

Which one would I recommend? I prefer Influsenter based on my experience so naturally, I recommend Influsenter. However, if you’re looking for free samples Pinchme does offer free samples, just be aware, you will have to be more engaging to earn free full-size products from Pinchme.

Join Pinchme For Free Pinchme Boxes

Sign up here for a Pinchme account if you’re up for the challenge or just want to experience Pichme firsthand.

Join Influsenter For Free Influsenter VoxBoxes

Sign up here for Influenster account. I have received some really cool Influenster VoxBoxes.

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It’s red lipstick ?any day anywhere every season ???‍♀️

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Is Pinchme Worth It?

After receiving the first box I wasn’t impressed.  These companies make money selling users information but yet some companies can’t even send a full-size product for feedback without users jumping through hoops.


Until Proven Otherwise

Until I am proven otherwise considering the time and effort required to receive samples I don’t think Pinchme is worth the effort – 3,000 tokens for a full-size sample box that’s a lot.


Have you tried Pinchme? How was it?

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