Top Budget-Friendly Eyeshadow Brushes

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Wet n Wild is a great brand. They seem to almost always get it right. Moreover, generally, you get more than what you pay for.

Top Budget-Friendly Eyeshadow Brushes

I wanted a few extra eyeshadow crease brushes to create different eyeshadow looks, and this Wet n Wild brush was a bargain.

I am glad because I didn’t want to buy an entire eyeshadow brush set just to get one eyeshadow crease brush, nor did I want to spend a lot on extra eyeshadow crease brushes.

Eyeshadow Crease Brush For 99 Cents |

Wet N Wild Eyeshadow Crease Brush Price Point

These brushes are $0.99 each! This brings back memories of the good old days when the majority of ELF Cosmetics products were only $1.

Oh well, back to reality, overall Wet n Wild crease brush looks great, and it is very affordable.

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Wet N Wild Eyeshadow Brush Quality

For the price, the quality is good. However, there are some quality control issues, including:

  1. The brushes are not the same length.
  2. The bristles are not uninformed – one brush has shorter bristles.

However, for the price, I’m not bothered. Plus, it blends eyeshadow like a charm and so far no shedding. Plus, the brushes have a nice, strong grip and apply eyeshadow well.

As for, the synthetic brush bristles hold and apply pigments beautifully.

When compared to more expensive crease brushes, these work just as well.

There are 16 other brushes in this collection. This brush set is a really great bargain for someone building their first makeup kit.

However, if I was looking for a brush set, they would be on my list.

This Wet n Wild Brush Is Pretty Damn Good For 99 Cents What A Surprise

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