Are ColourPop Matte Liquid Lipsticks Worth It?

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Are ColourPop matte liquid lipsticks worth it?

Are they worth the hype?

So, are they good for the money?

Really … should you bother?

ColourPop Matte Liquid Lipsticks All The Rage

I remember when ColourPop matte liquid lipstick was all the rage.

Reviews about this matte liquid lipstick were all over the beauty community.

As a consumer, I was happy to find these reviews, because they definitely helped me decide whether I should try ColourPop matte liquid lipsticks.

ColourPop Matte Liquid Lipsticks Reviews

I read several reviews before I made a decision. I believe the more informed you are about the product, the less likely you will make a purchase that you regret.

Although sometimes even with all the information you can still buy a product and hate the hell out of it because more than a few reviews were not honest, or the product was just not for you. 

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Is ColourPop Matte Liquid Lipsticks Worth It

So is ColourPop worth it? Yes, but it depends.

Do I like ColourPop matte liquid lipsticks? Yes!

Do I think it’s reasonably priced? Yes.

However, do I think it’s the best thing since a slice of bread … uh no.

For the price, I think it’s a great buy for someone on a budget, but there are better liquid lipsticks on the market.

ColourPop Free Shipping Coupon Code

The last time order from them, I received, ColourPop 5 off coupon code, and it paid for shipping. I am not too sure if they still offer their first-time customers these $5 coupon codes.

This coupon code definitely influenced my purchase.

I am one of those people who love online shopping but dread paying for shipping.

One sure way to encourage me to purchase your product is to add free shipping.

If they still offer these coupon codes, let me know! I want to try their highlighters and eyeshadows.

Is ColourPop Worth It Overall?

I had no problems with customer service for my first order, and for the price, I was satisfied with how long the liquid lipsticks lasted.

I think ColourPop is worth some consideration if you are looking for cheap matte liquid lipsticks or just cheaper makeup products in general.

Furthermore, I definitely will repurchase, especially if ColourPop free shipping coupon code is still being offered.

I have seen some great ColourPop eyeshadow tutorials on YouTube with beauty gurus slaying the hell out of these eyeshadows, so I am willing to take another chance.

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