Can I Drink On A Keto Diet? Here’s What You Need to Know About Drinking Alcohol on A Keto Diet

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Losing weight is great! Too bad the weight loss process isn’t always great. Most people get on diets with the mind frame of eating a certain way for a few weeks then going back to their previous bad habits.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the best way to keep the weight off. In fact, making these temporary changes like not drinking alcohol on a keto diet but going right back to your normal consumption level after your keto diet will only help you achieve temporary results.

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Hence, it is best to choose a diet plan that doesn’t restrict you tremendously. Thereby, allowing you to easily transition your new good habits into your lifestyle. Thankfully, a keto diet can help you do just that. Although some people may worry about missing out on their favorite foods, don’t worry you can still eat great while staying in ketosis.


Can I Drink on a Keto Diet? Is having a Drink on a Keto Diet Bad?

Aside from eating your favorite foods, you may be asking yourself, can I drink on a keto diet? Is having a drink on a keto diet bad? To simply put it, if you want the best results quicker then no. However, having a few delicious keto friendly drinks isn’t bad if you are on a keto diet.

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Here’s What You Need to Know About Drinking Alcohol on A Keto Diet


Avoid Any Drinks That Are High in Carbs and Sugars

You are on the keto diet so of course, you can’t consume too many carbs and sugars. The best options when it comes to alcohol are hard liquor, light beer, dry wine, and dry champagne. Anything else is not acceptable.


Have a Cutoff Point

If you’re going to drink then limit the drinking to 1-3 cups. It may seem difficult at first, but that’s probably all you need to get a buzz. The cause of this is that in a ketosis state your body is low in glycogen, making it easier for you to get drunk.


Don’t Mix Your Drinks with Anything High in Sugars or Carbs

It is understandable that you may want a chaser to go with your drinks but be careful of what ingredients you use as a chaser. A few good options are club soda, sweetener, Kool-Aid powder, etc.


Rule of Thumb for Drinking Hard Liquor On A Keto Diet

If you want to drink hard liquor on a keto diet then it is best to go with anything that doesn’t have any extra flavors, since they tend to be loaded with carbs and sugars.


Can I Have A Beer On A Keto Diet?

If you got to have your beer then go for the light beers. Any type of dark beers will not work out in your favor. A good indicator of drinking beer is to make sure that you can see through the beer. If you can’t that mean that the beer is too dark and for the most part full of carbs.


What’s About Drinking Wine On A Keto Diet?

Dry wine is the best wine on keto because it isn’t loaded with sugar like sweet wines. You can usually tell if a wine is dry by reading the back of the label. Also, dry wines are bitter so that is a good indicator as well.


Can I Drink Some Champagne On A Keto Diet?

You will want to get dry champagne to avoid the sugars and carbs that you will consume if you drink regular champagne. Like wine, you can read the label to see if the drink is dry or not.


Overall Drinking On A Keto Diet Is Possible

A drink from time to time is okay on a keto diet but realize with the good comes the bad. Hence, to avoid going overboard add low carb ingredients to your drinks and remember to drink responsibly.

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