10 People Not To Invite To Your Next House Party

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Parties are generally fun, especially if you are partying with the right people. However, a fun party can easily lose its appeal once certain people arrive.

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10 People Not To Invite To Your Next House Party

These people drain the fun right out of your party. In fact, if you had to choose between kicking a party crasher out or them you would properly kick them out first. Yes, party invitation revoked, because you just don’t want to deal with them.


The One Who Brings Uninvited Guests

It’s one thing for someone to crash the party on their own, but it’s a different situation for an invited guest to be the enabler. The more the merrier right? Well, not necessary, especially if you are not a fan of the uninvited guest.


The Fighter

These people will fight over anything especially when they are drunk! Unless you want your party to shut down early or pay to repair or replace valuable items don’t invite them.


The Troublesome Drinker

It’s a party so some people will get drunk – expect that. However, the troublesome drinkers behaviors are usually compulsive and they make everyone else around them uncomfortable. Plus, they are usually the fighters so do not invite them to your next house party.

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The Paparazzi

You didn’t have a red carpet but this person insists on being the paparazzi. They are at the party annoying the hell out of other guests, taking pictures no one wants to share.


The Spiller

This person is about to get you kicked out of your apartment when the landlord sees the carpet stains. A few light stains okay, but constantly that’s a no. Plus they are literally wasting the alcohol and we can’t have that.


The Reporter

This is usually the job of the paparazzi – they usually take random photos and post to social media platforms without permission. However, let’s not forget that random person who reports what happened at the party to everyone else who wasn’t invited like that annoying classmate or coworker.


The Pervert

The pervert is out here scaring all your guests! They are randomly touching and dancing on people without permission. These are definitely the people who you shouldn’t invite to your next house party unless you want to be caught up in an unpleasant mess don’t invite them.


The Person Who Doesn’t Bring Anything

House parties are usually laid back and it’s common for party guests to bring a bottle, snacks or food. This person never makes any contribution even if they can financially.


The One Who Eats All The Food

Strangely the one who doesn’t bring anything usually eats all the food. Yes! Don’t invite them.


The Party Pooper

They make people feel sad, tired, angry for no reason. Don’t invite them. You need considerate happy party people at your party and the party pooper isn’t here for it.

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