How To Overcome The Meal Prepping Struggle

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Let’s talk about the meal prepping struggle and how to overcome it.

How To Get Over Your Meal Prepping Struggle 2 of 3

Whenever fitness is being discussed meal prepping is usually a sub-topic in the conversation and it’s no surprise because some of the top benefits of meal prepping includes:

  1. Tracking what you eat and holding yourself accountable becomes easier
  2. You are less inclined to eat fast food since your meals are already prepared
  3. It becomes more convenient and easier to eat during the week
  4. More time to do other things during the week since less time is spent preparing meals

However, while, these benefits make meal prepping a very attractive option, unfortunately, the meal prepping struggle is real.

Here are a few struggles:

  1. Starting a meal prepping diet plan isn’t cheap
  2. Meal prepping is time-consuming
  3. You can end up throwing some meals away
  4. You no longer want any of the meals prepped
  5. Staying consistent can be challenging

Here’s how to get over your meal prepping struggle!

Starting A meal prepping Diet Plan isn’t cheap

Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the cost of something especially when everyone seems to be doing it and meal prepping is no exception.

While there’s no doubt meal prepping is beneficial, starting off your own meal prepping diet plan isn’t cheap unless you already have:

  1. All your storage containers
  2. Cookware suitable for cooking several meals at a time
  3. Food inventory stocked up

Thus, if you are considering starting your own meal prepping diet plan there’s definitely an initial starting cost you need to account for.

However, using in-store coupons, ebates, Honey, Amazon Subscribe and Save, and shopping at places like Dollar Tree and Ross the initial cost can be reduced.

Meal prepping Is time-consuming

Let’s be honest, meal prepping for the week can be very time-consuming.

However, this struggle can be overcome by cooking enough on Saturday and Sunday to have leftovers so you don’t have to cook all your meals on one day.

This is also very helpful if you don’t have the cookware to cook all your meals in one day.

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You Can End Up Throwing Some Meals Away

Depending on how your meals are stored there is a risk of food spoilage.

Therefore, if you are consistently throwing some of your meals away consider storing your meals in a freezer.

Additionally, consider preparing meals that stay fresher longer to over this struggle.

You No longer Want Any of the Meals Prepped

Now no longer wanting any of the meals you prepped can be an unpleasant issue.

However, to overcome this struggle consider jazzing up the food with some extra seasoning, vegetables and/or fruits to make it more appetizing.

Staying Consistent can be challenging

One of the biggest meal prepping struggle is staying consistent.

However, by aligning your meal prepping diet plan with a stronger personal goal you want to achieve, you can significantly strengthen your commitment to stay consistent.


Once you overcome the meal prepping struggle, getting the body you want becomes easier and more attainable.

Thus, start dealing with these meal prepping struggles head-on – don’t let these struggles get in your way.

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