22 Simple Stress Relief Ideas To Try

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A stress-free lifestyle is goals because feeling emotionally drained isn’t healthy and it’s sure as heck ain’t no fun. So to keep you cool, calm and collected with these stress reliever ideas you can incorporate into your daily routine.

21 Stress Reliever Ideas That Will Keep You Cool, Calm and Collected-2

22 Stress Reliever Ideas That Will Keep You Cool, Calm and Collected

  1. Exercising
  2. Squeezing a stress ball
  3. Listening to music
  4. Thinking of happy thoughts
  5. Petting a furry animal

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17 More Stress Reliever Ideas

  1. Taking a hot shower
  2. Going to a spa
  3. Taking a nap
  4. Getting a massage
  5. Doing yoga
  6. Taking a bubble bath
  7. Venting to someone
  8. Doing something you really enjoy
  9. Going out on the town
  10. Running
  11. Playing some games
  12. Reading your favorite book
  13. Planning your next trip
  14. Decluttering your home
  15. Counting your blessings
  16. Drinking your favorite tea
  17. Relaxing by the pool
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