BoxyCharm Unboxing! See What’s In The Box! Plus The Shocking Retail Value

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BoxyCharm Unboxing! See What’s In The Box! Plus The Shocking Retail Value-1

BoxyCharm Unboxing: BoxyCharm April 2019

Summary: I will just say it … what was up with April BoxyCharm? I was so excited about the spoilers until I received the box and was just disappointed by the quality of more than half of the products.

Let’s first talk about the PUR palette. When I saw the spoiler on MSA I was happy. The eyeshadow color scheme is beautiful no doubt but the eyeshadow formula for too many shades fell short.

However, if I had to choose a few colors from the palette it would be the glitter colors “24K Magic” and “Fireworks” but even these colors won’t that great.

In fact, these two colors applied easily on the eyelids but they both started to flake once the eyeshadow fully dries and I started to move around. Plus, imagine an eyeshadow palette where even the shimmers are powdery – these are usually the buttery smooth shades.

Now, I fully understand why more than a handful of people in MSA comment section were not happy they were going to receive another PUR eyeshadow palette.


Ignorance Is Not A Bliss

I was really here like … what are they talking about this is a pretty palette, but let’s blame my ignorance plus the fact that I didn’t own any eyeshadow palettes from PUR so what the heck did I know.

In essence, the palette wasn’t for me. I am sure some beauty gurus will make it work somehow but for me, the formula just didn’t make it given the retail value ($36).

For $36 I can happily purchase two to three ColourPop palettes – just saying. PUR needs to work on the formula a little bit, otherwise pretty palette.


Violet Voss Palette In December BoxyLuxe To This

Imagine being spoilt with a beautiful Violet Voss eyeshadow palette in December Boxyluxe then receiving this PUR palette. Like how do y’ all expect us, subscribers, not to know the difference!

Now, don’t you tell me I can’t compare BoxyCharm with BoxyLuxe when in fact, BoxyLuxe isn’t really “luxe” – it’s just more products for paying more. I am just disappointed and high key ranting. If you loved that palette I am happy it’s working for you.


Holographic Lip Gloss That Wasn’t Holographic?

So forget the PUR eyeshadow palette let’s talk about the holographic lip gloss that wasn’t holographic. It really was just shimmer showing on my lips. What was that all about?

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Biggest Disappointment in BoxyCharm April 2019

The Artist Couture highlighter! Hands down! I was so excited to see this brand in the box but I should have known better. If anything the highlighter somewhat matched the theme.

Unfortunately, I do not think I will be wearing this highlighter again. The shade is fun and all but not something I would wear often. Plus the formula just didn’t live up to the hype – you will get better highlighter from the drugstore save your $27 or don’t buy without sampling this first.


Good Products From BoxyCharm April 2019

So let’s talk about the good finally. I liked the eyeshadow primer in there and the Luxie brushes. Eyeshadow primer was something new that I haven’t seen in BoxyCharm boxes so I was impressed by that. As for Luxie, I like the brushes plus it’s always nice when they add brushes to the box especially when there is an eyeshadow palette.


So Did BoxyCharm Lose Their Charm In BoxyCharm April 2019?

For April it seems that way. However, I am not going to forget March BoxyLuxe fiasco they had to deal with. So I could imagine getting ready for April BoxyCharm would have been a little challenging, hopefully, May BoxyCharm will be better. In the meantime let’s take a look at the shocking retail value for the items included in April BoxyCharm.


The Shocking Retail Value

Product: PUR Cosmetics Festival Pressed Pigment Palette
Retail Value: $36

Product: Artist Couture Diamond Glow Powder, Supernova
Retail Value: $27

Product: Luxie Summer Daze Brush Set
Retail Value: $28

Product: Luscious Cosmetics Angel Eyes Eyeshadow Primer
Retail Value: $14

Product: Appeal Holographic Lip Gloss
Retail Value: $21

What was Paid: $21
Total Retail Value: $126
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